Craig Wright did not receive $ 8,6 billion worth of Bitcoin private keys

Craig Wright, the Australian computer scientist, said he could prove his ownership of 1 million Bitcoin ($ 8.6 billion). However, the available evidence indicates that he only discloses publicly available information and has not yet proven ownership of the given private keys.


Craig Wright, the Australian computer scientist. Image via micky.

Just a few days ago, Craig Wright was locked in a legal battle with the assets of his former business partner with Bitcoin worth billions. Craig Wright’s lawyer, confirmed that Wright possesses – nor even claim to possess – private keys can be used to spend the $ 8 billion Bitcoin that Satoshi Nakamoto mined in the early days of Bitcoin.

Earlier this month, US judge Beth Bloom gave Wright a deadline until February 3 to comply. Wright responded in the affirmation, stating that a bonded courier who owns the key to unlock encrypted Bitcoin will come this month. Until the arrival of the said bonded courier, Wright said that alleged “Tulip Trust” containing Bitcoin would not be accessible.

The list contains 16,404 Bitcoin addresses arrived and Wright provided it to the Kleiman real estate on January 14. Wright submitted a statement in the Southern District of Florida at the end of Tuesday, claims that he has received information to unlock an encrypted file of thousands of public Bitcoin addresses he claims to own.

One of the partners at law firm Rivero Mestre said that the file he received did not include private keys. However, Wright still hopes that he will receive the key at a later date. Without a private key to decode the address, Wright could not convert about $ 4.9 billion into Kleiman’s real estate.

If unlocked by Wright, it will prove that he is Satoshi Nakamoto. But when the case opened, Wright was charged with forging documents and lying.

The court case appears to have ended when Judge Bruce E. Reinhart asked Wright to hand over half of Bitcoin assets in August last year. The judge also found that Wright had committed perjury and said he had to pay Kleiman’s lawyers’ fees.

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