Covalent Announces Partnership with Polygon zkEVM Public Testnet to Support Ethereum Blockchain Scalability

Covalent, a leading Web3 data provider, has announced a strategic partnership with Polygon’s zkEVM public testnet. The collaboration aims to support the scaling of the Ethereum blockchain and enhance Covalent’s data aggregation process for Ethereum developers.

The partnership will enable developers, analysts, and other Web3 decision-makers to access a new and valuable data set from Polygon’s growing suite of scaling solutions. Users will be able to access Polygon zkEVM data through Covalent starting from March 27th.

Covalent has been focused on scaling the Ethereum blockchain for some time, recognizing the connection between blockchain scalability and mass adoption. The company aims to provide developers with the deepest visibility into billions of blockchain data points to empower the future of Web3 development.

As momentum continues with the Ethereum Merge, the blockchain is processing an increased number of transactions at faster rates, accelerating the rate and volume of available data points for developers and builders.

Polygon’s zkEVM public testnet is a breakthrough innovation that opens a new chapter for mass blockchain adoption, enabling scalability and security that will greatly benefit Web3 innovations to come. The partnership with Covalent furthers Polygon’s role as the first and only Web3 data aggregator to provide complete data transparency to zkEVM blockchains.

Covalent’s data collection process ensures low latency for the most up-to-date information retrieval, breadth spanning 90+ blockchains and alternative sources, and impressive depth, ensuring all data is analyzed from the genesis block and beyond. By leveraging these findings to unlock the power of Web3 data, Covalent aims to provide users with the highest-quality analytics, which remains in great demand by protocols, institutions, and dApp developers.

This partnership is a significant milestone for both Covalent and Polygon, as it enables developers to access valuable data sets to build projects offering users real-world utility and value. It also demonstrates the growing importance of Web3 data aggregation and the need for companies like Covalent to provide developers with the tools and resources needed to create innovative and scalable blockchain-based applications.

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