COTI V2 Airdrop Campaign Postponed to Q4 2024, Promises Enhanced Privacy on Ethereum

In a recent announcement, the COTI network has revealed that its much-anticipated V2 airdrop campaign will kick off on March 25th. However, the distribution of the new COTI V2 tokens will be delayed until the last quarter of 2024, coinciding with the token’s official launch.

COTI V2 represents a significant leap in blockchain privacy, operating as a Layer 2 protocol on Ethereum. It is specifically engineered to securely transmit sensitive data across the blockchain within Web3 applications.

Current COTI token holders, as well as those who have made deposits into the project’s treasury, are eligible for the airdrop rewards. Notably, individuals who deposited into the treasury before February 28th, 2024, will receive additional airdrop rewards, calculated as a percentage of their annual deposit. The announcement states:

“Users simply need to deposit into the treasury to participate, but those who deposited before February 28th, 2024, will receive an extra reward as a gesture of gratitude from the COTI team for their early support.” This initiative will distribute up to 40 million COTI V2 tokens (valued at approximately $8 million) among both Native and ERC-20 COTI holders, in addition to the APY rewards already being earned in the COTI Treasury.

Key Points of the COTI V2 Airdrop Campaign:

  • When: The campaign begins on March 25th, 2024. Token distribution will follow the COTI V2 Token Generation Event (TGE), scheduled for Q4 2024.
  • What: Treasury participants will automatically qualify for a share of the 40 million COTI V2 tokens, on top of regular APY rewards.
  • Who: The campaign is open to all COTI holders, both Native and ERC-20. Early depositors before February 28th, 2024, will receive a special bonus.
  • How: Participation requires a deposit in the Treasury, regardless of the deposit date.

About COTI V2: COTI is upgrading its infrastructure to create the fastest and most lightweight confidentiality layer on Ethereum. Utilizing a novel cryptographic protocol based on Garbled Circuits and backed by Ethereum’s security, COTI V2 introduces a cutting-edge solution for data protection on public blockchains. This upgrade is set to catalyze a new era of Web3 innovation and adoption, enabling confidential transactions, Artificial Intelligence, DeFi, decentralized identification, and more.

The $COTI token plays a vital role in transaction fuel, network security, and access to privacy features.

The COTI Treasury: Launched in 2022, the COTI Treasury allows anyone to deposit COTI and earn APY rewards in both COTI and gCOTI. Currently, over 500 million $COTI has been deposited. Users can tailor their potential APY by selecting the deposit amount, multiplier, lock period, and APY boost.

New locking options of 180, 270, and 360 days are now available, offering even greater rewards starting March 25th. For the first time, COTI ERC-20 token holders without VIPER wallets can participate in the Treasury without KYC and receive APY rewards for their deposits.

Joining the Airdrop Campaign: From March 25th, all Treasury users will automatically be eligible for a portion of the 40 million COTI V2 tokens, in addition to their APY rewards. The airdrop rewards will be based on a combination of current APY, deposit conditions, and user activity within the Treasury.

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