Continuing the drama, Johnny Dang & Co. on Google is rated 1-star, Wiki information was edited to a scammer

It is not known how the truth about Khoa Pug accused Johnny Dang of cheating. But most of the comments expressed their support and trust in this YouTuber and boycotted the largest celebrity jeweler in the entertainment industry. And as always, the online community continues to call for a 1-star rating for Johnny Dang’s company.


Johnny Dang’s store received a 1-star storm on Google

Things went to the extreme when a comment with the content calling for a 1-star rating for Johnny Dang’s company received more than 1,000 likes. And then whatever happened, immediately, a large number of online communities rushed to create a 1-star storm for Johnny Dang & Co. of the king of jewels on Google.

Currently, of the company’s 25,409 Google reviews, only a very small percentage have rated five stars for quite some time. The rest is just a newly posted 1-star review. Most of the comments are in Vietnamese, with keywords like “holy sucker,” “scam”,…


Johnny Dang’s company website was negatively affected by the scandal. As AZCoin News reported, the DBZ coin – the source of the breakup of the relationship between Khoa Pug and Johnny Dang, also dropped in value. Late at night on November 30, the DBZ currency fell by one-third from $0.025 to $0.017 overnight. Compared to the peak of $ 0.145 set on September 28, the cryptocurrency’s price founded by Johnny Dang lost 90% within two months.

Not stopping there, some extreme fans of Khoa Pug also edited Johnny Dang’s information on Wikipedia with vulgar and sensitive words.

However, this problem was quickly discovered and rectified. Johnny Dang’s Wikipedia page has also locked the function of editing and updating data. When shared on social networks, this act has received mixed reactions from the online community, most of which are criticized and think that this is uncivilized behavior.

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