ConsenSys’ zkEVM Rollup Offers Unrivaled Scalability and Performance for Ethereum Dapps

ConsenSys R&D has announced the public testnet launch of its zkEVM rollup on March 28th, 2023. After years of research, the team developed an EVM-equivalent infrastructure that offers unrivaled scalability and performance, with fast finality, high throughput, and the security of Ethereum settlement. The lattice-based prover design ensures leading performance in proof generation and cheap transaction fees.

During the private beta, the network processed over 490,000 transactions and onboarded dozens of dapps, receiving positive feedback from early users and partners. The EVM equivalence allows for easy migration of existing apps with little to no rework, and out-of-the-box integrations with popular tools like Infura, Truffle, and MetaMask.

ConsenSys zkEVM is designed to remove developer complexity, improve security, and reduce onboarding time with thoughtful integrations and features. The lattice-based prover delivers industry-leading throughput and benefits from next-generation scaling. The network is composable and designed to work seamlessly with all other EVM-based dapps, using ETH for gas and having no reliance on third-party transpilers or custom middleware.

Developers can onboard users easily with MetaMask, the leading web3 wallet, and build, test, debug, and deploy their Solidity smart contracts with best-in-class L2 developer environments from Truffle. Built-in compatibility with Ganache and Diligence enables local testing and auditing of code, respectively.

The trustless bridge and access to MetaMask’s user-friendly Bridge allows developers to safely move tokens on and off the network. The recursion-friendly, lattice-based zkSNARK prover is more performant than standard schemes and verifiable on Ethereum mainnet, delivering ultra-low gas fees.

ConsenSys has worked to build and democratize Ethereum, creating developer tools such as Infura, open-source software like Hyperledger Besu and Teku, and helping to deliver critical upgrades to Layer 1 Ethereum through its Protocols teams. With the public testnet launch of zkEVM, ConsenSys is taking an important next step towards unlocking trustless execution at scale and spurring new innovation.

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