ConsenSys Unveils Product Pro Ambassador Program to Drive Web3 Adoption

ConsenSys, a leading blockchain technology company, unveiled its new initiative called the Product Pro Ambassador Program. This community-driven program aligns with ConsenSys’ mission to promote the widespread adoption of web3 and blockchain technology across the globe.

The Product Pro Ambassador Program aims to provide specialized support and acceleration to individual professionals in the web3 field who are passionate about fostering community growth through code, content, and education. By creating an organic community of developers building on Ethereum and advocating for decentralization, the program seeks to drive the adoption of web3 products such as MetaMask, Linea, and Infura, among others.

Ambassadors accepted into the program will benefit from mentorship, professional development, and educational resources, ensuring they have the opportunity and space to grow into influential web3 and blockchain professionals. The program actively seeks individuals from all corners of the world who are enthusiastic advocates of web3 and are eager to contribute to its scaling and development.

The primary role of the Ambassadors will be to enhance the experience of builders utilizing the ConsenSys product suite. They will achieve this by providing valuable feedback, creating high-quality educational content, and advocating for products like MetaMask, Infura, Linea, Diligence, and Truffle. The program encourages interested individuals to explore The Developer’s Guide to the Web3 Stack for a deeper understanding of the ConsenSys product suite.

The benefits of becoming a Product Pro Ambassador are extensive. Ambassadors will receive developer relations training and direct access to ConsenSys products and internal stakeholders, enabling them to cultivate meaningful relationships driven by mutual growth. Additionally, Ambassadors will enjoy exclusive access to ConsenSys events, including opportunities to represent product brands at workshops, hackathons, and conferences.

By joining the program, Ambassadors will have the chance to make a real impact by educating others on building web3 products through various community initiatives. Moreover, they will enjoy perks such as swag, mindfulness workshops, customized mentorship, and early access to beta projects and events.

The contributions of Product Pro Ambassadors are diverse, allowing them to utilize their skillsets effectively. Some of the ways they can contribute include hosting and managing both virtual and in-person events, creating and sharing technical content, contributing to open-source code repositories, engaging with the community through platforms like Discord, Telegram, and Twitter, and serving as official ConsenSys mentors to fellow community members. The program welcomes any additional contributions that align with an Ambassador’s skillset and relevance.

Interested individuals can easily apply to the Product Pro Ambassador Program by visiting the dedicated website and filling out a short application form. Although only 50 builders will be chosen for the first cohort, ConsenSys encourages all applicants to stay engaged with the ConsenSys community, as a new cohort will be launched next quarter. For those who are not accepted in the current round, ConsenSys recommends focusing on developing a strong portfolio of unique content related to Ethereum and ConsenSys developer tooling and actively participating in Ethereum Meetups and ETH hackathons.

The launch of the Product Pro Ambassador Program marks a significant milestone in ConsenSys’ efforts to drive the adoption of web3 and blockchain technology. By fostering a global network of passionate professionals, ConsenSys aims to create a thriving ecosystem where innovation, education, and collaboration flourish. The program invites individuals from all walks of life to join the movement and contribute to the exciting future of web3.

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