ConsenSys Launches Linea, a Testnet for zkEVM Network Development

ConsenSys, the team behind the popular Metamask wallet, has announced the launch of its zkEVM testnet network, now called Linea, after a successful private testing phase. Linea is a Layer 2 (L2) solution built on zero-knowledge technology that is fully compatible with the Ethereum network, providing developers with a seamless experience in building decentralized applications (dapps).

The launch of Linea is expected to help Ethereum scale by providing a high-performance infrastructure to support the development of dapps. Linea is designed to empower Ethereum builders to innovate without worrying about the limitations of cost or scalability. By offering faster transaction speeds, reduced gas costs, and native integrations with popular tools like MetaMask and Truffle, ConsenSys has made it easy for developers to focus solely on innovation.

The zkEVM protocol ensures that developers can create scalable dapps or migrate existing ones without changing the code or rewriting smart contracts. Linea is also highly composable, offering flexibility and scalability to developers who are not experts in zero-knowledge technology.

During the private testing phase, Linea surpassed expectations, with over 1.5 million transactions completed in just a few weeks. ConsenSys is grateful for the contributions of its early partners and testers who helped shape and prepare Linea.

ConsenSys has always aimed to build Ethereum and make web3 universally useful and accessible. In line with this spirit, Linea is designed to provide a seamless developer experience on an L2 network. To encourage developers to build on Linea, the company has made it available as a default testnet option on the MetaMask extension.

The launch of Linea is a significant milestone for ConsenSys and the Ethereum ecosystem. As the community works towards scaling Ethereum and fulfilling the promise of Ethereum 2.0, Linea represents an important step towards achieving this goal. Developers who want to build innovative dapps on a high-performance infrastructure should check out Linea today.

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