ConsenSys-Backed Layer 2 Linea announced of drop NFT for Linea Voyage

Linea, the Layer 2 (L2) network, marks its mainnet alpha release with one of the most extensive onchain actions in Ethereum history. This milestone is not just a testament to the tireless efforts of researchers, client teams, and Ethereum Core Developers, but it also highlights the remarkable contributions of individual users who played a crucial role in scaling and securing Ethereum.

On July 11th, Linea officially unveiled its mainnet alpha, introducing an L2 network with unparalleled scalability, complete with a thriving ecosystem of over 100 decentralized applications, developer tools, and infrastructure. As the Ethereum ecosystem enters a new era of scalability, the Linea community deserves recognition for their remarkable collective effort in making Linea a reality.

For the past two months, Linea has been on a journey known as the “Linea Voyage.” This voyage saw hundreds of thousands of early community members and more than 50 partners come together to shape and strengthen Linea ahead of its mainnet release. The Linea Voyage community’s dedication was evident as over 5.6 million unique wallets submitted a staggering 50 million testnet transactions on Goerli, with the invaluable support of early partners. The collective action of these Lineans proved instrumental in preparing the network for its alpha release.

In gratitude for the Linea Voyage participants’ invaluable contributions, Linea has commissioned a remarkable set of digital art pieces, embodied in a commemorative NFT collection. This collection, known as the “Linea Voyage Collection,” symbolizes the emergence of a new global network, reflecting the stages of development, instantiation, growth, experimentation, and connection. It beautifully illustrates how individual efforts can synergize into a powerful wave of collective action, propelling the network forward towards an efficient, scalable, and innovative future. The Linea Voyage Collection represents a tribute to the Lineans and the immense transformative power of community collaboration. The NFT collection is set to be one of the largest distributions in Ethereum’s history.

The Linea Voyage Collection comes in five unique editions, each with its own distinctive features and characteristics:

  1. Alpha NFT: Participants finishing with 3400 points and above. Total supply – 27,000.
  2. Beta NFT: Participants finishing with 3050 points and above but fewer than 3400 points. Total supply – 50,000.
  3. Gamma NFT: Participants finishing with 2740 points and above but fewer than 3050 points. Total supply – 100,000.
  4. Delta NFT: Participants finishing with more than 2500 points but fewer than 2740 points. Total supply – 175,000.
  5. Omega NFT: Not airdropped but available for claim by participants with 2500 points or below and a registered wallet on the Linea Voyage on Galxe. Total supply – 4.7 million.

The airdrop event for the first four editions (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta) will commence during the Linea Mainnet livestream program on July 18th, 2023. These editions will be distributed to approximately 352,000 participants who achieved top-tier rankings in the Linea Voyage leaderboard. On the other hand, participants with 2500 points or below will have the opportunity to mint the Omega Edition NFT using Consensys NFT’s platform. The minting process will only involve covering the gas fees for the transaction, and participants need to ensure they have LineaETH in their wallet before claiming the NFT.

The claim window will open once the airdrops are completed and will remain open for one month, providing ample time for participants to claim their well-deserved NFTs. The entire Linea Voyage Collection can be viewed on the Consensys NFT platform, and it will also be available for trading on various NFT marketplaces, including Zonic and Bilinear.

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