Conor Kenny Noticed An Altcoin That Could Be Huge In 2022

The market is on the dip these days. This is considered a good opportunity to jump into a potential project. But traders wonder which one is having the huge potential to join in.

Understanding that Conor Kenny, a Youtube channel focusing on cryptocurrency, has highlighted an altcoin that could be huge in April 2022.


And that altcoin is XYO (XYO). This is a project that is doing something absolutely incredible. What they’re actually setting out to do is awesome. And it’s gonna change the face of the way we transact here in the real world. 

XYO is trading at $0.017 at press time, and the market cap is over $230 million. There is definitely a lot of room for this project to grow. We’ve seen similar projects in similar spaces go to multi-billion dollar market caps. The price has not been pumped yet, which is a great thing. This coin is listed on all major exchanges. 

XYO Chart | Source: Coinmarketcap

XYO Chart | Source: Coinmarketcap

The XYO Network is meant to solve the problem. It’s an ecosystem of devices that communicate with one another to create an unalterable history of interactions and locations stored on a blockchain. A user can independently verify that an item tracked using the XYO Network was in a defined place at a specific point in time. Since XYO Network devices talk to each other, every user augments the other a delivery driver can help find your lost bike or your parked car and help confirm your neighbor’s package arrival.

Users are rewarded with XYO tokens whenever the data they provide is used to help another. Users track or locate an item thanks to a unique proof of origin algorithm. The provided data is always valid and up-to-date.

The XYO Network is bringing the blockchain to the real world, so this is definitely needed in the real world. These are the kinds of projects that have real utility. They’re trying to solve a problem that genuinely needs solving. This is bringing crypto and the power of blockchain into the real world. 

XYO is a scalable and incentivized location-based oracle and network connecting physical and digital realities. 

XYO has a massive team of 40 employees. They’ve worked in this space before, and this is a great place to start your research into the project. 

They also have some huge partners, Chainlink (LINK) being one of their actual partners. The XYO Network uses Chainlink VRF to fairly select random winners of coin location-based giveaways. 

XYO Network has more than four million nodes in its network, making it one of the largest blockchain networks in the world. As the economy grows, the price of XYO could follow this, and if we do check out the data from 2021, we can see right here that the project grew over 560x. 

The crypto market seems to have found a bottom, so it’s time to find some new projects to potentially run on this next bull run, and XYO is definitely the one to keep an eye on. 

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