Completion of Blur NFT Season 2 Airdrop: Claim Your BLUR Tokens within 45 Days

In a dynamic surge of activity within Blur’s Season 2 airdrop, an astounding 144 million BLUR tokens have been claimed, amounting to a staggering 48% of the entire airdrop allocation. The remarkable uptake in claiming BLUR tokens has echoed the platform’s burgeoning success, drawing attention to its escalating prominence in the Ethereum NFT marketplace.

The second season’s airdrop, encompassing a total of $307.6 million BLUR tokens, has witnessed an unprecedented rush as traders and creators eagerly embraced the opportunity. Blur’s recent tweets have unveiled the triumphs of Season 2, citing milestones that propelled the platform to the forefront of Ethereum’s NFT landscape.

With a resounding tweet declaring, “Season 2 is COMPLETE,” Blur revealed a formidable array of achievements. The platform ascended to the helm as the leading Ethereum NFT marketplace protocol, boasting a colossal $6.1 billion trading volume, engaging over 260,000 unique users, and capturing an enviable 65% average market share. Not content with this success alone, Blur also staked its claim as the premier NFT lending protocol with the launch of Blur Lending (Blend), consolidating its multifaceted prowess within the burgeoning NFT sector.

In the wake of this triumph, Blur wasted no time in transitioning to Season 3, a chapter fueled by the collaboration with Blast, a Layer 2 solution supported by Paradigm and Standard Crypto. This collaboration bears significant promise, as Blur’s Season 3 embarks on a six-month journey replete with new incentives and rewards.

A pivotal revelation concerning Season 3’s allocation emerged, delineating a fair split of rewards between NFT traders and BLUR holders. Notably, 50% of Season 3’s rewards will be allocated to BLUR holders, rewarding their commitment and participation within the Blur ecosystem. Holders will accrue Holder Points, complemented by a time-based multiplier, serving as a testament to their steadfast support.

Meanwhile, NFT traders, akin to Season 2, stand to gain through Blur Points earned via bidding, listing, and lending activities on the platform. This equitable distribution underscores Blur’s commitment to fostering a vibrant community where active engagement is duly rewarded.

Blur’s ascent to the zenith of the Ethereum NFT realm can be attributed to its distinguishing features, boasting real-time price feeds, comprehensive portfolio management tools, and the unique ability to compare NFTs across multiple marketplaces seamlessly. Its claims of faster NFT sweeps and an intuitive interface set it apart in a competitive landscape.

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