Cointelegraph Warn Users About Fake Airdrop Emails, Scammers Make Over $580,000 with This Trick

A wave of phishing attacks has hit the crypto space, as scammers impersonate reputable projects and platforms to lure users into clicking malicious links and giving away their funds.

On January 23, 2024, Cointelegraph, a leading news outlet for the crypto industry, issued a scam alert on its official Twitter account, warning users about fake emails that claim to offer airdrops from the company.

Cointelegraph stated that it does not issue airdrops and urged users not to respond or click on any links sent in their direct messages or emails by anyone pretending to be part of the Cointelegraph team. The news outlet also advised users to be safe and vigilant against such phishing attempts.

According to on-chain detective ZachXBT, Cointelegraph is not the only victim of this scam scheme, as other crypto projects such as WalletConnect, Token Terminal, and De.Fi have also reported being impersonated by email scammers with similar content.

However, many users have fallen for the trap and followed the instructions in the emails, only to face a bitter outcome. The attackers have reportedly pocketed about 228 ETH worth over $580,000 with this common scam method.

According to the annual report from security firm Scam Sniffer, about 324,000 crypto users lost nearly $295 million from phishing attacks in 2023. Only in November 2023, crypto attacks stole $340 million worth of assets from users on DeFi platforms. The crypto industry suffered a total loss of $1.95 billion due to hacks and security breaches in 2023.

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