[Coinlist] What’s Next For Gods Unchained

What’s Next For Gods Unchained

What’s Next For Gods Unchained

Last October, the Gods Unchained (GODS) token sale on CoinList added more than 20,000 new token holders to the Gods Unchained community with over $10M in GODS tokens purchased. Since then, we’ve launched trading for GODS on both CoinList and CoinList Pro. With the token unlock and distribution taking place this week, we caught up with the Gods Unchained team to see their progress in recent months.

1. A lot happened for you in 2021, how is the Gods Unchained team feeling?

2021 was a year of growth for Gods Unchained. We moved our marketplace to Immutable X, the Layer 2 solution that has saved us and our users millions of dollars in gas fees, making it easier for game items to be traded. When the GODS token went live, we opened The Forge, allowing users to spend GODS to create NFT cards. Here are some numbers to illustrate where we were 12 months ago and where we are today:

  • There are now over 13 million Gods Unchained NFTs out in the world, with over 65,000 unique asset holders.
  • Since its launch in March 2021, over $25M worth of Gods Unchained assets were traded between users on Immutable X.
What’s Next For Gods Unchained
  • In the last week of 2021, we saw over 62,000 new Gods Unchained accounts created – this is a 300% increase on numbers we were seeing pre-token launch in mid-October.
  • Games per month grew over 50X in 2021. To put it in perspective, in the space of one week, Gods Unchained saw over 1.7 million matches played (which was close to double the total played in the entirety of 2020).
What’s Next For Gods Unchained
  • In January 2021, we had 1,625 Weekly Active Players. Now, in January 2022, we have over 80,000 – that’s an increase of over 4,800%!

We have hearts full of gratitude for the Gods Unchained community, who continue to support us in making Gods Unchained what it is today.

2. What’s on the horizon for the GODS token? What can token holders expect from GODS as far as utility is concerned?

We have a lot of this info in our whitepaper, but here’s an update on where we’re at with some of the key players, as well as what we have live now:

1/ GODS staking: Staking rewards will be distributed to all users that qualify as being active stakers. These rewards will be distributed from the Staking Rewards Pool, which consists of GODS tokens funneled in from acquisition actions made in the Gods Unchained store and the Forge. From as early as next week, tokens will begin seeding from those already spent in The Forge to the staking rewards pool so that when the staking goes live later in the year, the rewards pool will be stocked and ready.

Rewards will be claimable by all users who qualify at regular 7 day intervals, and will provide an amount of GODS to each user proportional to the lowest amount held in their Immutable X account.

2/ GODS governance: As a recognition of those who play and hold tokens, GODS token holders will be able to vote on token-related proposals via decentralized governance. Proposals will include topics such as:

  • How to allocate token reserves
  • Community and Ecosystem Fund Distribution
  • Changes in play-to-earn distribution
  • Sponsorship or grant recipients

3/ The Forge and NFT creation: Last year, we launched The Forge with NFT card creation (known as ‘fusing’). This is where players can use GODS tokens to upgrade their cards from simple game assets to tradable NFTs. The next step will be working on fusing different qualities of NFTs/cards. At the moment, multiple non-NFT plain cards can be fused into a shiny NFT meteorite card. We are now working on the functionality to fuse these into higher tiers, which is a lot more complex but very exciting. Here’s a diagram to help those who haven’t gone through the Forge understand the experience.

What’s Next For Gods Unchained

4/ Purchasing NFT cards using GODS: The Gods Unchained store is the first point of contact when new NFT expansion sets enter the ecosystem. The cards from these sets are then traded between users on marketplaces that utilize Immutable X’s Layer 2 technology. Involving the GODS token in these functions is a key factor in giving the token meaningful utility, which is why 20% of all primary sales and 20% of secondary trading fees in Gods Unchained will be paid for in GODS.

Here’s how it will work: Purchasers will be able to choose whether they want to spend their own GODS on a purchase to save some ETH/USD, or whether they would prefer to save their GODS for a different use. If the user opts not to use GODS for a payment, or doesn’t have enough tokens to cover the fee, the 20% fee will automatically be swapped to GODS on the open market.*

We’re excited by this as this function not only ties GODS to the heart of the economy, but also ensures GODS moves sustainably through it. After a primary sale or secondary trading fee is actioned, the GODS tokens will be moved to the staking rewards pool (mentioned above) where they will be distributed to all users that qualify as being active stakers.

  • Example: A user used 1 ETH to buy our packs, as this user did not use GODS for the packs payment, 0.2 ETH will be used to swap into GODS and sent to the staking reward pool.

5/ Daily play-to-earn systems: We currently have a play-to-earn event, ‘Blessing of the GODS’, running which lets users earn fractions of GODS through gameplay achievements. The team is working on pushing live a system which rewards players with GODS on a daily basis, with additional points earned based on the cards users are playing with. Decks with NFT cards will earn more points, with higher shine cards earning even more. This system provides further incentives and use cases for players to fuse and trade cards.

3. And what about Gods Unchained itself? What can we expect to see from the game?

There’s a lot to come with the game, but in order not to ruin the gaming experience achieved through the likes of future expansion sets (e.g. new NFT card sets, we can’t disclose many details. But here’s a high-level overview of what we’re working on.

  • Mobile game release: We have an internal team designing and building out a mobile version of Gods Unchained to ease the barrier of entry by allowing the game to be played on the go. Our first touchstone is to get a playable alpha out this year. Our hope is to deliver the first access to our players in the first half of next year, with a wider alpha sometime in the second half of the year.
  • Expanding the game: We have a heap of new cards coming out early this year with a refresh of our main card set: the Core set (a set is a collection of cards). We also have brand new NFT expansion sets in the works, alongside new game functionalities, items, and modes. To tie these developments all together, the team is also hard at work improving the new player onboarding experience. This will make it easier for anyone and everyone to join Gods Unchained and get playing.

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