CoinGecko introduce its DeFi Book titled “How To DeFi” with the launch of CoinGecko Earn

DeFi (Decentralized Finance) has become one of the essential areas for Ethereum, with over 100 projects and teams building applications and protocols in 2019. And to continue the success of Trust Score, Trust Score 2.0, in addition to providing methods and benchmarking the exchange, CoinGecko has continued to introduce its cryptocurrency community DeFi book titled “How To DeFi” and a new section called CoinGecko Earn.

CoinGecko enters the Decentralized Finance market with DeFi book and CoinGecko Earn

According to the press release from CoinGecko, a website specializing in aggregating cryptocurrency market data and fundamental analysis, two DeFi book initiatives called “How To DeFi” and CoinGecko Earn represent CoinGecko’s efforts, closing more significant role in the growing DeFi ecosystem. In it, “How to DeFi” is the first book ever published covering the DeFi ecosystem. While CoinGecko Earn is a newly-launched section providing an overview of the various lending platforms.

Not only did it provide more data to make cryptocurrency exchanges transparent, but CoinGecko also expanded to track derivative market data last year and now the DeFi ecosystem – which is playing fast-growing.

TM Lee, CEO of CoinGecko, said:

“As the cryptocurrency landscape matures, CoinGecko is committed to growing our data aggregation tracker to reflect the need for this market further. From tracking only spot market data, CoinGecko has expanded to track derivatives market data last year, and we are now proud to be tracking the fast-growing DeFi ecosystem data. The cryptocurrency industry is overgrowing, and we look forward to building the most accessible, comprehensive database to democratize access to cryptocurrency data for our users.”


TM Lee, CEO of CoinGecko

According to DefiPulse, the DeFi ecosystem has grown approximately 15 times in the past two years. In February 2020, nearly 3 million ether worth $ 1 billion was locked in DeFi applications with lending products leading growth in this sector. CoinGecko Earn is a newly-launched section on CoinGecko, providing an overview of the various lending platforms with information on return rates, security audit records, DeFi risk scores, and more. CoinGecko Earn currently displays data for over 50 cryptocurrencies from both centralized and decentralized cryptocurrency lending platforms.

Soon, CoinGecko will expand its CoinGecko Earn datasets to include more lending platforms and will also involve staking data. CoinGecko Earn data will quickly be made available on its freely accessible public API and the CoinGecko mobile app.


CoinGecko “How to DeFi” Book, First Edition

Besides, a printed copy of the “How to DeFi” book will also soon be made available for orders. CoinGecko’s “How to DeFi” book is targeted at beginners interested to learn more about the fast-growing DeFi ecosystem. CoinGecko’s research team wrote this book of 7 people – Darren Lau, Daryl Lau, Teh Sze Jin, Erina Azmi, Kristian Kho, TM Lee, and Bobby Ong. The team has been very involved in researching the Blockchain ecosystem for the past six years, having published multiple cryptocurrency reports and contributed to numerous publications and talks.

The “How to DeFi” book contains concise and comprehensive step-by-step guides on getting started with the various DeFi applications. It is priced at $ 14.99 and is available for purchase on CoinGecko and Amazon. CoinGecko is offering this book for free digital downloads during the first month of publication.

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