[Coingecko] CoinGecko Portfolio Update – Multi Portfolio now available!

Multi Portfolio – Track ALL your crypto assets!

We’re super stoked to release an update to our much loved Portfolio feature to help you push your edge on the crypto markets – Introducing our brand new Multi Portfolio, now available on both CoinGecko.com and Mobile App (Android/iOS)! 🙂

What can you do with Multi Portfolio on CoinGecko?

  1. Follow any crypto – Over 6000+ assets, sourced across 400+ exchanges worldwide available for tracking.
  2. Organize – Create as many portfolio lists as you want and label them accordingly. One for long-term holdings, one for short-term, one for shared investment – whatever suits your needs!
  3. Track your trades – Let the app know when, and how much you bought an asset for, and it’ll do the rest of the heavy lifting to let you know what your portfolio value is so you can strategize accordingly.

How to use CoinGecko’s Multi Portfolio?

We made it real simple for you to get started – here’s a quick guide!

Step 1: Log in to your CoinGecko account, or create an account with us (welcome!)

Step 2: Create a new portfolio

Head over to your main Portfolio to create a new portfolio by clicking on the dropdown.

Step 3: Start adding crypto assets to track

Once you have your new portfolio, you can add the assets accordingly! There are two ways to add an asset into your portfolio – 

(i) Click on the ⭐ of a coin, and you’ll see a dropdown that prompts you to select your preferred portfolio.

(ii) Alternatively, you can also add coins directly through the “Add New Coin” button on the top right corner of each portfolio.

Once you’re done adding coins to the portfolio, you can then start tracking your holdings:

Step 4: Start tracking your holdings – buys, sells or transfers!

For each asset, you can input the transaction type (buy/sell/transfer), amount purchased, price, and date/time. The app will then calculate your holdings value and profit/losses for each asset!

Here’s a look at the dashboard of a portfolio:

And another view when you take a look at an individual asset’s breakdown (all the transactions):

That’s pretty much it! You are now well on your way to optimizing your crypto experience. We hope our new Multi Portfolio feature will become an essential tool for you to keep track of the ever growing crypto markets.

As always, we would really appreciate hearing from you on what we can do to make this feature better for you! Please feel free to let us know how you feel through the “Give Feedback” button (also linked here) on the Portfolio page, or write to us at hello@coingecko.com! 🙂

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