Coinbase’s 2023 Transparency Report: 13,079 Requests from Government and Law Enforcement; 73% Originated from US, UK and Spain

In a move towards transparency, Coinbase, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, has unveiled its 2023 Transparency Report, shedding light on the surge in government requests it has received over the past year. The report disclosed a significant rise in demands from authorities across the globe, indicating the evolving landscape of law enforcement’s interaction with cryptocurrency platforms.

Overview of Requests

Coinbase, boasting an extensive network of 245,000 ecosystem partners spanning over 100 countries, showcased its continued global expansion in various financial products and services. Amid this expansion, the company acknowledged grappling with an influx of 13,079 requests from government agencies and law enforcement bodies during the reporting period. These requests, ranging from subpoenas to search warrants, highlight an approximate 6% increase from the previous year’s figures.

Geographic Distribution

Of these requests, approximately 73% originated from key nations such as the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Spain. Notably, the report emphasized a noteworthy rise in demands from countries like Australia and Portugal, exhibiting triple-digit percentage growth compared to prior periods.

Balancing Privacy and Legal Obligations

Coinbase reiterated its commitment to upholding customer privacy while complying with legal obligations. The company asserted its adherence to stringent privacy practices, emphasizing the cautious treatment of customer data to maintain confidentiality and economic freedom for its users.

Response and Review Process

Each request received by Coinbase undergoes meticulous scrutiny by a team of experts trained to evaluate its legal validity. The company highlighted its efforts to challenge or narrow overly broad requests, ensuring a more tailored response and, at times, refusing to provide information deemed legally insufficient.

Key Takeaways

The report underscored critical insights:

  • Increasing International Requests: The percentage of requests from outside the United States witnessed a notable upsurge, reflecting the growing global involvement of law enforcement agencies with Coinbase.
  • Top Requesting Countries: While the United States retained its position as the primary source of requests, countries like Australia, France, and Portugal exhibited substantial spikes in demands.
  • Primarily Criminal Enforcement Matters: The overwhelming majority of requests pertained to criminal enforcement matters, underscoring law enforcement agencies’ focus on utilizing Coinbase’s data in investigations.

Addressing FAQs

Coinbase clarified that the report encompassed requests associated with various Coinbase services and platforms. It also elucidated the absence of certain countries, citing factors such as service availability and government requests.

The report delved into the nature of government information requests, the information disclosed in response to these requests, and Coinbase’s approach in challenging or rejecting government appeals. It emphasized the absence of direct government access to customer information held by Coinbase or third-party systems.


Coinbase’s Transparency Report for 2023 serves as a testament to the evolving landscape of regulatory interactions within the cryptocurrency sphere. The surge in government requests reflects the heightened scrutiny and collaboration between law enforcement bodies and platforms like Coinbase. As the crypto market continues to expand globally, such transparency reports play a pivotal role in establishing trust and accountability between users, platforms, and regulatory authorities.

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