Coinbase to List Seamless (SEAM) Token on Base Network

Coinbase exchange has unveiled plans to listing the Base lending protocol Seamless Protocol’s governance token, SEAM. This strategic move marks a significant development as SEAM emerges as the pioneer and sole Base native project token to be traded on Coinbase, highlighting the exchange’s commitment to embracing innovative DeFi (Decentralized Finance) projects.

SEAM, serving as the governance token for Seamless Protocol, signifies a revolutionary step in reshaping DeFi landscapes. Seamless Protocol stands out as a pioneering decentralized lending and borrowing platform, distinguishing itself by offering an intuitive experience for users engaging in both over- and under-collateralized loans.

What sets Seamless Protocol apart is its foundation on community governance and permissionless nature. It boldly champions decentralization by shunning traditional investor sales, whether public or private, setting a new benchmark for DeFi protocols.

The announcement didn’t stop there. Seamless Protocol has also revealed plans for an airdrop of 400,000 SEAM tokens. Eligible recipients are poised to receive these tokens within a three-month window, signaling a proactive effort to foster community engagement and participation within the Seamless ecosystem.

To facilitate the seamless trading of SEAM, Coinbase will add support for Seamless (SEAM) on the Base network as an ERC-20 token. However, users are cautioned against transferring SEAM tokens over different networks to avoid potential fund loss, emphasizing the need for adherence to the designated network.

Trading for SEAM is anticipated to commence post 1 PM ET on December 11, 2023, contingent upon meeting liquidity conditions. The roll-out will occur in phases, with SEAM-USD trading pairs set to launch once a sufficient supply of the asset is established. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that the availability of SEAM support might be limited in certain jurisdictions where trading is supported.

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