[Coinbase] Sign up to earn 4% APY on USD Coin with Coinbase

By Thorsten Jaeckel, Senior Product Manager

Pre-enroll today to earn interest on USD Coin (USDC), with rates more than 50x the national average of a traditional savings account.¹ Best of all, your USDC is guaranteed by Coinbase, giving you peace of mind while you earn interest.² Watch your interest grow in real-time through the lifetime rewards ticker in your portfolio and receive monthly payouts, all with no fees or withdrawal limits.

Traditional finance and its low interest rates
Everyone wants to get the best interest rate available for the assets they hold. But interest rates have decreased steadily over the past few decades, making it difficult to earn meaningful passive income on your assets. The national average for a traditional savings account hovers around 0.07%, with high-yield savings accounts still falling well short of even 1%.³

Coinbase’s high-yield alternative to traditional savings accounts offers 4% APY⁴ on your USD Coin, a stablecoin that can always be redeemed one-to-one for USD $1.00. This means that by lending your USDC to Coinbase, you can earn 8x the national average of high-yield savings accounts.⁵

Higher interest without higher risk
We have recently seen the rise of crypto interest accounts that offer attractive rates on customers’ assets. While the high interest rates are appealing, they can present varying levels of risk. When you read the full terms and conditions, you may find that your assets are loaned to unidentified third parties and subject to their credit risk, which could result in a total loss of your crypto holdings.

We want to offer our customers the opportunity to earn more interest than banks while also providing peace of mind and a safe, secure way to earn. That’s why we are proud to offer a principal guarantee for the USDC in your Coinbase account.

Earn crypto by holding crypto
Pre-enrollment is now open for eligible customers in the US. To get started, visit www.coinbase.com/lend. You’ll receive an email confirmation once you’ve completed the pre-enrollment process. When you come off of the waitlist, you will automatically start to earn 4% APY⁶ on the USDC in your account.

Safely and securely earning 4% APY on your USDC is just the beginning — we’ll continue to build more rewarding ways for you to earn interest on your crypto savings. Visit the Interest section of your Portfolio to see all of the different ways you can earn interest by holding cryptocurrencies and stablecoins.

1. Based on Bankrate.com’s survey of USD savings accounts in June 2021. Lend is not a USD savings account, and Coinbase is not a bank. Your loaned crypto is not protected by FDIC or SIPC insurance.
2. By participating in this program, you agree to all
terms and accept any residual risks.
3. See Note 1, above.
4. Annual Percentage Yield (APY) as of 6/29/2021. APY may change at any time before you start lending.
5. See Note 1, above.
6. See Note 4, above.

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