Coinbase Expands Coinbase One: Zero Trading Fees and Exclusive Benefits Now Available in UK, Germany, and Ireland

Coinbase is expanding its Coinbase One subscription product to customers in the United Kingdom, Germany, and Ireland. This move aims to provide users in these countries with enhanced benefits and exclusive features, including zero trading fees and access to a dedicated support team.

Coinbase One members will also enjoy boosted staking rewards and exclusive partnerships with industry leaders such as Messari and CoinTracker.

The subscription service, available for a monthly fee of $29.99, allows members to transact on hundreds of assets without incurring trading fees. This is a significant advantage for frequent traders who can now execute more trades without worrying about excessive costs. Additionally, long-term investors will benefit from lower commissions for staking popular cryptocurrencies like ADA, ATOM, SOL, and XTZ. These reduced fees enable members to maximize their earnings from their crypto investments.

Another advantage of being a Coinbase One member is the peace of mind that comes with having access to a dedicated support team. Users in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and Ireland can rely on this 24/7 support team to address any technical account issues promptly.

Furthermore, Coinbase One members in the United States receive a pre-filled tax Form 8949, which simplifies the process of filing crypto taxes. The form can be directly filed via online tax filing services or through accountants, making tax obligations more manageable for members.

In addition to these benefits, Coinbase One subscribers gain access to exclusive limited-time deals from Coinbase’s partners. Some of the notable partners include Messari, which offers 90 days of exclusive crypto market insights and analytics through Messari Pro, and CoinTracker, which provides six months of free personal crypto portfolio analytics with the CoinTracker Portfolio Assistant – Enthusiast Tier. These partnerships allow Coinbase One members to access additional resources and services that can enhance their crypto experience.

Coinbase is committed to expanding access to Coinbase One to customers worldwide. By starting with the United Kingdom, Germany, and Ireland, the company aims to bring the benefits of crypto to a broader audience. Coinbase plans to continue its international expansion strategy, ensuring that more countries can enjoy the advantages of Coinbase One in the future.

As Coinbase strives to build the most trusted crypto products and services, its Coinbase One subscription offering plays a crucial role. Whether users are active traders or long-term investors, Coinbase One provides them with a platform to save, earn, and do more with their crypto assets. To stay updated on the latest Coinbase One news and updates, users can follow Coinbase on Twitter.

In conclusion, Coinbase’s expansion of the Coinbase One product to the United Kingdom, Germany, and Ireland demonstrates the company’s commitment to offering enhanced benefits and exclusive features to its users. With zero trading fees, dedicated support, and exclusive partner deals, Coinbase One members can make the most of their crypto investments. The international expansion of Coinbase One reflects the company’s vision of bringing the benefits of crypto to users worldwide.

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