Coinbase Derivatives Exchange to Introduce Exciting New Bitcoin and Ether Futures Contracts Next Week

In a recent blog post, Coinbase, the leading cryptocurrency exchange, announced the launch of its institutional futures offering on its CFTC-regulated derivatives exchange. This move comes in response to the growing institutional interest and demand for advanced derivatives products in the cryptocurrency market.

Building on the success of its nano Bitcoin (BIT) and nano Ether (ET) contracts, Coinbase is now introducing institutional-sized USD-settled contracts to provide institutional participants with greater precision in managing crypto exposure, expressing directional views, and tracking Bitcoin and Ether returns in a capital-efficient manner. The Coinbase Derivatives Exchange aims to deliver innovative solutions tailored specifically to the needs of institutional investors.

By offering institutional-sized contracts, Coinbase is reaching another significant milestone in its mission to provide accessible and cutting-edge financial instruments to market participants. These contracts, named BTI and ETI futures, are sized at 1 bitcoin and 10 ether per contract, respectively. This granularity allows traders to tailor their exposure to the rapidly evolving digital asset commodities, enabling them to seize opportunities in the highly dynamic market environment.

One notable advantage of these institutional-sized contracts is their significantly lower fees compared to traditional offerings. This reduction in trading costs aims to maximize capital efficiency for institutions and create a more accessible and participatory environment within the crypto ecosystem. Coinbase Derivatives Exchange is dedicated to reducing barriers to entry and fostering greater market accessibility for all participants.

To further support institutional clients, Coinbase has partnered with institutional-leading FCMs (Futures Commission Merchants), brokers, and front-end providers. These partnerships enable seamless access to the futures contracts through robust trading platforms, ensuring a smooth and efficient trading experience for institutional investors.

Coinbase Derivatives Exchange places a strong emphasis on fostering a transparent and secure trading environment. As the cryptocurrency landscape continues to evolve, Coinbase aims to provide market participants with the necessary tools and solutions to navigate this digital commodity market successfully.

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