Coin Metrics: On average, USDT moves every eight days

On average, USDT moves every eight days, according to recent data from Coin Metrics.

“The trailing 12-month velocity of Tether on Omni, Ethereum and Tron has rapidly and consistently increased since September and currently sits at ATHs, where on average each USDT turns over 46 times per year.”

Tether is one of the oldest operating stablecoins of the cryptocurrency industry. It was initially pegged in USD on Bitcoin’s Omni token layer and also worked on Ethereum’s blockchain as an ERC-20 token. Tether then released USDT on Tron’s blockchain in 2019 as an additional market option.

The number of USDT transactions on the three blockchains is reaching ATH in terms of how often each token moves from any location.

According to Coin Metrics, on average, each USDT turns over 46 times per year. A year with 365 days means that the average token moves every eight days. This shows that the market is still using USDT regularly, even after years of solvency, lawsuits, and doubts.

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