Co-founder of Ethereum development team ConsenSys hinting that MetaMask token is coming soon

The possibility of the appearance of the MetaMask token (MASK) is still controversial. Because during a Twitter exchange, Joseph Lubin, co-founder of Ethereum development team ConsenSys, hinted at the possibility of a MASK.

ConsenSys co-founder tantalizes the possibility of a MetaMask token

MetaMask is a browser extension that allows access to the Ethereum ecosystem. This wallet acts like a compact wallet to store ERC-20 tokens enabling users to access services, including dApps, built on the Ethereum chain. Therefore, the appearance of a token will be more beneficial for users to use.

Furthermore, in September, ConsenSys said that the MetaMask wallet had reached a significant milestone in reaching 10 million monthly active users (MAUs). This is up 1,800% from July 2020, when its MAU was at 545,000. As expected, with MetaMask being one of the most popular wallets out there, expectations for the MASK token are high.

In reality, however, this may not be the case since JPMorgan has a stake in MetaMask. And of course, this bank CEO has an aversion to keeping the token on their balance sheet. However, Lubin refuted this view saying that ConsenSys already holds thousands of tokens on its balance sheet. Perhaps he is implying that this has nothing to do with controls set by stakeholders.

He justifies this view by suggesting that decentralizing these projects means no conflicts of interest. Lubin then signed by teasing MASK’s appearance with the words “stay tuned.”


Source: Joseph Lubin/Twitter

Currently, there are no further release details for the MASK token. However, given the potential rewards on offer, it wouldn’t be surprising if MetaMask activity explodes in the days and weeks ahead.

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