Claim Your Share: W Airdrop Eligibility Checker Now Available for Wormhole Users

In a groundbreaking move towards further decentralization, Wormhole, the leading interoperability platform for multichain applications, recently announced the launch of its native token, W. The protocol, powering bridges at scale in the Web of Web3, has become the backbone for over 200 applications and boasts a user base of more than 1 million unique wallets across 30 blockchains.

Tokenomics and Airdrop Details

With a total supply of 10 billion tokens, W is set to be a pivotal force in Wormhole’s mission for progressive decentralization. The initial circulating supply of 1.8 billion tokens will be distributed in ERC20 and SPL formats across five initial chains: Ethereum, Solana, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Base. This allocation aims to diversify and strengthen the protocol’s presence across various blockchain ecosystems.

The token will be distributed across six main categories: Guardian Nodes, Community & Launch, Core Contributors, Ecosystem & Incubation, Strategic Network Participants, and the Foundation Treasury, with an initial lock of 82% set to unlock gradually over four years. This strategic tokenomics structure is meticulously designed to ensure long-term success, stability, and the ongoing decentralization of Wormhole.

W Airdrop: Recognizing Contributions and Engagement

To kickstart the decentralization process, Wormhole initiated a comprehensive airdrop of W tokens. The airdrop, distributed across 397,704 wallets following anti-sybil measures, saw 617,305,000 W tokens allocated from the Community & Launch category. This included rewards for on-chain activities within the Wormhole ecosystem applications, such as usage of Wormhole-connected blockchains, engagement in NFT communities, Discord activities, Monad community, and top Pyth stakers.

The airdrop not only serves as a gesture of appreciation for the dedicated users and developers who contributed to the Wormhole ecosystem but also emphasizes the importance of community involvement in the protocol’s development and growth.

Eligibility Criteria and Snapshot Assessment

Eligibility for the W airdrop was determined based on users’ interaction with ecosystem chains, applications, and the community within the Wormhole ecosystem. The snapshot of users’ on-chain activity was taken on February 6, 2024, providing a comprehensive view of nearly three years’ worth of data.

Priority was given to users based on the length of their engagement, cumulative volume of messages and transfers, and consistent use of the protocol throughout its lifespan. Wormhole core contributors were excluded from participating in the airdrop, ensuring its exclusivity to the wider Wormhole community.

How to Check Your Eligibility

For users eager to confirm their eligibility, Wormhole has provided an intuitive eligibility checker. By connecting their wallets through the interface, users can review potential rewards. Once reward claiming is enabled, users can use the same interface to claim their airdrop rewards. Additionally, a submission form is available for users who believe their wallet activity should qualify for the airdrop.

You can check here.

Wormhole DAO Governance: Shaping the Protocol’s Future

Wormhole’s adoption of a token-based governance system marks a significant step towards empowering W token holders with the ability to shape the protocol’s future. With the ability to delegate tokens and vote on governance proposals, the DAO governance system ensures a more decentralized decision-making process.

Live governance proposals will play a central role in directing community programs and managing treasury activities. The governance framework is designed for progressive decentralization, gradually shifting more decision-making responsibilities to the DAO, covering functions like blockchain connection adjustments, smart contract upgrades, fee structuring, and rate limit adjustments.

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