Chinese Internet giant Baidu to release its own ChatGPT named ErnieBot (文心一言)

On February 7th, according to a news report from the Chinese news website, Baijiahao, it was revealed that Baidu’s internal chatbot project, similar to ChatGPT, has been named “Wénxīn Yī Yán” (文心一言) in Chinese, and “Ernie Bot” in English. It is expected to complete its internal testing in March and be available for public use.

The development of Wénxīn Yī Yán is being accelerated before its official launch, which is speculated to be related to a prediction Baidu’s CEO, Li Yánhóng, made in September last year concerning the direction of artificial intelligence in terms of both technology and commercial application.

Source: Yahoo Finance

Finally, Baidu’s Hong Kong share price has been steadily rising, with a 15% increase at the time of this article’s publication.

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