Charles Hoskinson reiterated the stance of the team of developers in IOHK regarding the launch of Shelley in 2020

IOHK CEO and Co-founder Charles Hoskinson reiterated the stance of the developer group in IOHK regarding the launch of Shelley in 2020. Hoskinson made this clear in a live video on Twitter, ensuring that Shelley will be released this year.

Charles Hoskinson: Shelley will be launched in 2020, no delay

Although there are some updates on Cardano listed in its weekly development report, there is still some skepticism about to happen. Especially when Shelley was ready for its mainnet migration, Hoskinson dismissed rumors surrounding its shipping date:

“There is still an impending skepticism, I have noticed of many people about the shipping of Shelley mainnet in 2020. We have a Shelley node that is currently running at IOHK. We are adding a CLI to it for the next week’s Friend’s and Family testnet, so it’s there it exists.”

Refuting claims and talks of delays in the Shelley mainnet, the IOHK executive went on to add:

“It is now a situation of just getting the plumbing right, distributing it, getting people to install it, use it. It’s imminent. It’s publicly there in the Github repository, and it’s not like we have secret code that we are hiding or something. We are writing to an open repository that you all can see, and it’s very clear that the Shelley node is almost ready to go.”

Moreover, Hoskinson had earlier denied any form of delay about the community-led funding of the Cardano Commercial Critical Infrastructure, reassuring that Cardano (ADA) needs this to compete with other cryptocurrencies. Hoskinson also reassured that this was one of the things Cardano required so it could compete with other cryptocurrencies, and he added that this should be expected in the next few months.

Technically, the Cardano team announced its first successful tests of the decentralized Shelley network last week. The first phase which is dubbed Pioneers, and the Friends & Family, will make Shelley publicly accessible to a small circle and its testnet is slated to be launched on 11 May.

Further, Cardano produced the first block of the Shelley blockchain in private beta, one that kicked off the first closed-test phase in late April.

A few days ago that Cardano’s team of developers has successfully run the first test of the decentralized Shelley network, and promised that the Family and Friends Haskell Shelley testnet will be released on 11th May 2020, indicating that Shelley’s final launch is imminent.

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