Charles Hoskinson is ready to accept Cardano in his own restaurant

Charles Hoskinson said his restaurant would take cryptocurrency as payment as it prepares for its grand launch, which he first announced back in July. Cardano will be the preferred option.

The launch of Nessie’s restaurant and a whiskey lounge in Wheatland, Wyoming, where Hoskinson resides, was revealed in a teaser tweet Hoskinson posted on June 22. Some of his fans were curious about his business decision because developing cryptocurrencies and the restaurant industry do not frequently overlap.

Charles Hoskinson Is Ready To Accept Cardano in His Restaurant

However, the absence of quality options in the town next to Hoskinson’s ranch was the primary driver behind building the restaurant. Hoskinson stated during the unveiling that his restaurant would accept cryptocurrency and has since repeated the assertion. Users advised Hoskinson to consider different Cardano-based payment methods, such as the DJED stablecoin included in the pro-Cardano narrative. The Cardano co-founder would be able to develop a practical use case for the asset immediately after the complete launch by integrating the stablecoin within the company.

The number of fresh ideas and use cases in the Cardano ecosystem increased exponentially over the previous year. The network was now fully prepared for the use of NFTs. Despite the eUTxO mechanism’s difficulties in managing several transactions in a single block, the Defi side of the ecosystem also saw a significant improvement. Solutions for decentralized money are currently operating on the network steadily.


ADA/USD 4-hour chart | Source: TradingView

Unfortunately, Cardano’s price performance continues to be problematic as the asset cannot overcome the $0.41 local resistance level.

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