Crypto news outlets ChainNews and Odaily are inaccessible for two consecutive days, as China continues its crackdown

Two popular crypto news sites in China, ChainNews, and Odaily, are currently inaccessible. Many observant people have noticed that this situation has lasted for two consecutive days, at the same time as Beijing continues to crack down on crypto trading and mining activities.


ChainNews provided links to its channels on the messaging app Telegram

Chinese cryptocurrency media outlets suspend websites as China crackdowns

ChainNews tweeted that their website will be down for 8 to 10 hours due to upgrade maintenance. However, the website was still down yesterday, both inside and outside of China. In addition, Odaily, an online site that includes cryptocurrencies and NFT tokens, has also gone offline in recent days.

At the moment, the two companies remain silent despite the public questioning whether the Chinese government has targeted them?

It’s unclear if the two sites plan to switch to overseas servers to avoid the wrath of Beijing’s laws. This is a move that many Chinese crypto exchanges, mining, and information services have done. Even Binance left China amid crypto crackdown on October 13, 2021.

Currently, the official Twitter pages of both news agencies provide links to their communication channels on the Telegram messaging app. As you know, both Twitter and Telegram are banned from operating in China.

This is not the first time crypto information providers based in China have been affected by regulatory crackdowns. In July, the online crypto community Bishijie (Coin World) terminated its website and app operations in mainland China.

The latest move is part of China’s ongoing crackdown on the crypto community. Chinese authorities consider Bitcoin a threat to China’s financial stability and capital account controls.

In June, crypto exchange operators Huobi and OKCoin deregistered their subsidiaries in Beijing. Huobi also introduced a 24-hour withdrawal period and halted derivatives trading in China. In June, BTC China, which used to run the country’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, said that it had exited Bitcoin-related businesses entirely.

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