ChainLink Partners with Ox and Meta Oracles & LINK Embraced By Swipe App for Secure Price Data

ChainLink (LINK) has some hours ago announced its partnership with Ox, the liquidity API powering the DeFi economy, to bring new decentralized exchange (DEX) functionality to users. The new development was shared by Ox and corroborated by ChainLink via its official Twitter handle.

In the announcement, Ox acknowledged ChainLink (LINK) as the Onchain oracles that has the capability to support novel use cases’ combination with decentralized exchange (DEX) infrastructure.

Chainlink is a decentralised oracle system. Since the creation of Ethereum and the increasing use of decentralised applications in 2017, smart contracts have gradually proved their utility. The applications are diverse, affecting finance, insurance, governance methods, and much more.

In another development, Swipe’s marketing head Nicole Del Rosario said Swipe, which facilitates easy crypto-to-fiat conversions and vice versa, would specifically be leveraging Chainlink’s recently unveiled decentralized price feed oracles; moreover, the Chainlink team would also be creating a customized SPX-USD price feed for tracking Swipe’s SXP app token.

Swipewallet shared: Welcome Swipewallet to the Chainlink ecosystem! Swipe’s crypto payment platform is using Chainlink’s oracles for secure price conversions on point of sale transactions. They will leverage the ETH/USD Price Reference Contract & a custom-built SXP/USD feed.

“Chainlink’s oracle solution will allow Swipe to create a stable, yet decentralized bridge between reliable off-chain prices and Swipe’s on-chain transactions,” Del Rosario added.

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