Chainlink (LINK) flipped MATIC and become the most-traded crypto among major ETH whales

Based on some reports, the top 1,000 Ethereum whales are again betting on LINK as it has pushed MATIC out of the position of the most traded token.

Chainlink (LINK) flips MATIC as a most-traded token, but ETH whales are grabbing both

Meanwhile, ETH whales continue to buy both LINK and MATIC as both coins remain on the top ten bought tokens list.

While both MATIC and LINK are among the top ten cryptocurrencies most frequently purchased by top Ethereum whales, LINK has so far flipped Polygon’s native token into a tradable asset.

Whales bought large amounts of LINK and MATIC. These two coins stand side by side on this list. FTT remains the most significant token by USD value in the wallet of the largest 1,000 ETH whale.

In the last 24 hours, 386,464 LINKs were purchased by ETH whales ranked 140, 141, and 4. The fourth-largest whale bought the largest amount here – 199,999 LINK worth $3,909.99. The total amount purchased of this cryptocurrency constitutes $7,327,414 in fiat.

An ETH whale rated 158 also bought 2,110,000 MATIC – equivalent to $3,523,700. In addition, the popular cryptocurrency tracker Whale Alert has detected MATIC transactions much larger than this one. According to recent tweets, 5,824,010 tokens ($9,934,626) were transferred from Binance to Gemini, and 5,225,344 MATICs (worth 9,987,588) were transferred from Binance to Bitfinex.

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