Chainlink Functions Launches on Avalanche Fuji Testnet, Connecting Web3 and Web2

Chainlink, the industry-standard Web3 services platform, has launched Chainlink Functions on the Avalanche Fuji testnet, empowering smart contract developers to easily connect their smart contracts to any Web2 API. This key missing infrastructure allows developers to build sophisticated applications that combine the benefits of transparency, security, and efficiency offered by blockchains with the value present in traditional systems and technologies.

Previously, Web3 developers could not connect their smart contracts to existing Web2 APIs, and Web2 developers could not leverage their existing infrastructure when building a Web3 app. Chainlink Functions offers a decentralized compute runtime to test, simulate, and run custom logic off-chain for Web3 applications. Developers can fulfill their external data and compute needs without having to interface with node operators.

Chainlink Functions offers extensive connectivity, customizable computation, trust-minimized security, self-service in minutes, and a serverless runtime environment. By relying on the connectivity, security, and reliability of the Chainlink Network, developers can focus on their decentralized applications.

The integration of Chainlink Functions unlocks new and exciting smart contract use cases for the Avalanche ecosystem. It simplifies the developer experience of connecting Web3 apps with Web2 data sources, allowing developers to connect their smart contracts to any Web2 API in minutes. Kemal El Moujahid, Chief Product Officer, Chainlink Labs, said, “The seamless connectivity of Chainlink Functions makes it easy for developers to combine smart contracts with powerful Web2 APIs and data sources to unlock a new frontier of exciting capabilities and applications.”

Avalanche is a smart contracts platform built to scale infinitely and finalize transactions in under a second. Its novel consensus protocol, Subnet infrastructure, and HyperSDK toolkit enable businesses to easily launch powerful, custom blockchain solutions. Chainlink Functions can be combined with other high-quality Chainlink services available on Avalanche, including Chainlink Data Feeds, Chainlink VRF, and Chainlink Automation.

In conclusion, the launch of Chainlink Functions on the Avalanche Fuji testnet is a significant development for the Web3 industry. It offers a new frontier of Web3 and Web2 integrations, empowering developers to easily connect their smart contracts to any Web2 API. This will unlock new possibilities and pave the way for more advanced Web3 applications.

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