CEO Voice decentralized platform: The social media to be released earlier than initially planned

According to the CEO of the decentralized Voice platform from Block.One, Salah Zalatimo, it seems that the platform will be launched without delay as previously planned.

Voice could become the first social media – independent of the previous centralized model that earlier social media giants adopted.


Salah Zalatimo, the CEO of the decentralized Voice platform from Block.One

In less than a month, the EOS.IO-based social media will be launched

Since January 2020, Salah Zalatimo has assumed the position of CEO of Voice. Before that, Zalatimo had worked at Forbes as the Chief Digital Officer. At the same time, Block.One had already been working on the DLT social media app Voice during a large part of 2019.

In his recent tweet, the CEO said that Voice changed its mind about launching the platform in the fall and decided to implement it on July 4. However, only registered users can export or join the Voice. Others just need to read. But don’t worry, the platform is still open for registration until August 15, 2020.

Why did Voice debut earlier than expected?

Sharing the reason for the early release of the project, Zalatimo said the reason was simple. Voice needs social feedback from big tech companies right now.

However, the cryptocurrency community is not very confident about the promise of the CEO. Because the current social media giants, especially Facebook, have, for some time, illegally used a user’s data. Therefore, in general, Voice is also being pushed into suspicion.

However, this is a Blockchain platform anyway, so the reliability of personal information, as well as security, is higher than that of Facebook. And it looks like Voice will be the first shot in blockchain and decentralized social media.

Recently, in a Twitter exchange with Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao said that he was looking forward to decentralized exchanges that would run on Ethereum 2.0.

He encouraged Buterin to keep his good work to show that there was no bad blood between the two cryptocurrency leaders. Moreover, CZ acknowledged that he wouldn’t be where he is today without the ICO craze that peaked in early 2018.

CZ’s call for creating decentralization exchanges if very timely considering the recent rift between Twitter and Facebook. Let’s wait and see how the situation will evolve in the future!

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