CEO tech company Wooly wants to sell his house and offers 10% discount via Dogecoin payment

A Utah home man on the future of Dogecoin so much he’s willing to bet the sale of his Saratoga Springs home on it. Specifically, those who pay in meme coin DOGE will be able to get a 10% discount on his home, local television station KUTV reported.

Dogecoin fan offers 10% discount on his house if buyer pays him in DOGE

Scott Paul is the founder and CEO of Wooly, a tech company in Lehi, Utah. He’s invested in cryptocurrency and is comfortable with the wild swings in the markets. He believes this is the future, and we’re in the early days.


Scott Paul is selling his home in Saratoga Springs, but there’s a catch – he wants payment in cryptocurrency, specifically DOGE

Paul said he would offer a 10% discount off the $389,000 sale price to increase profits further if the buyer pays in DOGE. Despite selling this house and agreeing to pay in seven cryptocurrencies, it seems that Paul really wants DOGE. He considers the future value of the DOGE as a payment utility.

The home was being used as a rental, but when the tenants moved out, Paul said it was time to sell. “The decision was pretty obvious. I have a house I want to sell; why not push it to the limit to see if I can sell it for DOGE because we have to keep using this currency if we’re going to get it to the mainstream,” Paul added.

However, many people think this is more of a PR stunt than he really wants to sell. Because buyers might have a hard time coupling crypto with the conventional mortgage process because proving who owns crypto funds is difficult in this current regulatory environment. So while dabbling in a whole new landscape, Paul is ready to be one of the first.

“It’s not a hard decision to make, and that’s why I would discount right now because I believe it would go up in value,” he said.

Even if he sells for cash, Paul said he would turn right around and rebuy DOGE.

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