CEO Mary Barra: Nothing precludes General Motors from accepting Bitcoin if there is consumer demand for it

Automotive giant General Motors is monitoring Bitcoin’s potential, according to statements from its CEO Mary Barra. Though the company does not want to invest in Bitcoin, Barra implied it could accept BTC as payment during a recent investor call.

CEO Mary Barra: General Motors doesn’t rule out adding Bitcoin payments

In an interview with CNBC Wednesday, Barra was asked directly about the possibility of General Motors accepting Bitcoin as a payment method, to which the executive replied:

“There’s nothing that precludes us from doing that. We will be driven by our customers. Certainly, we want to make the whole buying and ownership experience as easy as possible. We will follow their lead.”

This statement makes a change in the speech of the General Motors representative, who in February of this year stated that there was no forecast to do so. At that time, Barra recently stated that the company doesn’t have any plans to invest in Bitcoin, so full stop there.

However, during an earnings call in late March, Barra softened his stance on Bitcoin and said the company would consider accepting the cryptocurrency if there was strong consumer demand. She confirmed in the interview that her company’s stance on Bitcoin has not changed.

Barra concludes that General Motors is really watching the potential of Bitcoin and this is not a snap answer.

That idea is supported by previous efforts by General Motors. In addition to examining Bitcoin, the company has applied for multiple blockchain patents. It is also part of the MOBI blockchain consortium, which is made up of several other car manufacturers. Furthermore, the automotive gian has invested in at least one blockchain company, Spring Labs, demonstrating that it is familiar with blockchain technology.

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