Central Bank of China announced a case about miners assisted in money laundering up to $ 154,940

According to information from Wu Blockchain, the Central Bank of China recently uncovered a case of miners contributing a hand in Bitcoin money laundering up to $ 154,940.

Central Bank of China announced a case about miners assisted in money laundering up to $ 154,940

From August 2015 to October 2018, Chen Moubo registered and established a financial information services company and without the approval of the relevant state agencies. He publicly promotes fixed income asset management products on a regular basis to the public on behalf of the company and determines the rise and fall of his own funds. The service is primarily used to repurchase principal and interest and spend on personal expenses, and refuse to convert thereafter; set up a digital money trading platform to issue cryptocurrencies, trick customers into depositing and transacting on the platform.

However, because all are scams, the platform always restricts withdrawals in large quantities and spreads the belief that hackers have stolen money to cover the hole, delay, or even refuse investors to withdraw. cash. On November 3, 2018, the Pudong Branch of the Shanghai Public Security Department filed a lawsuit against Chen Moubo on suspicion of fundraising fraud, the amount involved was more than 12 million yuan. Chen Moubo has fled abroad.

In mid-2018, Chen Moubo transferred 3 million yuan from illegal fundraising funds to Chen Mouzhi’s personal bank account. In August 2018, Chen Mozhi and Chen Mobo divorced to transfer property and conceal and conceal criminal proceeds.

From the end of October to the end of November 2018, Chen Mozhi knew that Chen Mobo was investigated by the police for suspecting capital-raising fraud, so he filed an investigation and fled abroad, still transferring 3 million people. the above yuan for Chen Mobo’s Personal Bank Account for Chen Mo Wave is used overseas.

Besides, according to Chen’s instructions, Chen Mouzhi sold the car bought by Chen Moubo in the form of illegal fundraising for 900,000 yuan cheaper, then contacted the Bitcoin miner in the WeChat group founded by Chen Moubo to sell. Vehicle All money is transferred to miners in exchange for a Bitcoin key, and the key is sent to Chen Moubo for exchange and use overseas. Chen Moubo has yet to come to the case.

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