Celestia Launches Blockspace Race: The Largest-Ever Incentivized Testnet Program

Celestia, a blockchain protocol, has announced its largest-ever incentivized testnet program, the Blockspace Race, which will commence on March 7. The program will feature 1,000 participants, consisting of validators, bridge nodes, full storage nodes, and light nodes. The Blockspace Race aims to stress test a more complete version of the Celestia protocol and is set to be the largest testnet ever to support data availability sampling, with over 700 sampling light nodes.

The Blockspace Race will feature five phases, with each phase lasting nine weeks. Participants will be scored based on the completion of tasks and how well they perform. The participants with the highest scores at the end of the race will be crowned the victors. The testnet will include new features such as IBC transfers, more efficient syncing, and an improved API for interacting with Celestia DA nodes.

Over 20,000 people applied to participate in the Blockspace Race, with only about 1,000 slots available. The validator role had available 100 slots, while the remaining node roles made up the other slots. Participants will receive tasks related to their role for each phase of the Blockspace Race, and the scores will be tallied at the end of phase five.

The Blockspace Race is expected to provide invaluable feedback on the new upgrades and features introduced in the testnet. Celestia will provide updates and support throughout the competition, and the participants can find information related to their tasks in the documentation and their knack portal. The protocol will also host a Twitter space during the week of March 7, allowing the community to ask any questions they may have about the Blockspace Race.

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