Cardano will eclipse Ethereum 2.0 but is it true?

According to Cardano founder and IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson in a video interview with “Crypto Adapter,” Cardano is neither superfluous nor in any way inferior to Ethereum 2.0. On the contrary, Hoskinson said that Cardano could offer all the features that Ethereum 2.0 will offer and even implement features beyond that. However, based on statistical charts from Santiment, Cardano seems to be overshadowed by Ethereum’s social volume.


Source: Santiment

Cardano has been basking in a lot of glories lately

As AZCoin News reported, the Shelley Friends & Family testnet was launched with 19 stake pool operators. Moreover, over the past three months, Cardano’s developer activity figures on GitHub had nearly 270 repositories, out of which five were found to be highly active.

Although the number of people joining the market is increasing, the social volume is quite low. Even Cardano’s social volume is even worse than Ethereum.

Source: Santiment

The disappointing social volumes were backed by Cardano’s Net Network Growth momentum signal. In terms of price, Cardano maintained a steady uptrend as it approached its yearly high in an attempt to recover its losses.

ADA will be better than Ethereum 2.0, is it true?

With such statistics, but when asked if Cardano would become redundant after Ethereum 2.0 was released, Hoskinson vehemently denied.

He thinks that all of Cardano’s core protocols are at the same level or even better than Ethereum:

“All core protocols of Cardano are better than what Ethereum 2.0 will be once it is finished in every category. We’re more Byzantine resistant, and we have explicit blockchain-based governance which Ethereum hasn’t even touched at all, we have a much better idea of ​​how to update the system, we have a significantly better network design than anything that they’ve proposed in 2.0 and our consensus protocol s better.”

Moreover, the Hydra protocol will allow Cardano to process more than one million transactions per second a day. Hoskinson also said that Ethereum discusses too many proposals instead of focusing on a few essential ones and pushing them with all the resources available:

“They just barely about to push their whole community into a world of trade-offs and endless debates over parameter this parameter that.”

In his opinion, the switch should be immediate, without endless debates and discussions about sometimes trivial variables and issues.

Hoskinson explained in detail:

“Why even the fight? Just go straight to Proof-of-Stake, unless you don’t think it’s going to be six months. It’s going to be two years, three years, and you just solve your difficulty bomb, you just solve your issues today.”

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