Cardano Network Snapshot is very likely on November 29, Shelley Testnet on December 9

The long-awaited balance snapshot for Cardano’s Shelley incentivized testnet was a great success. Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK, said that although the company was facing problems during the inspection process, it achieved a lot in a short period.

IOHK has set a scheduled date for the final network snapshot for the incentivized testnet after successful balance checking. According to Charles Hoskinson, the snapshot will most likely take place on November 29, while the Shelley incentivized testnet will be released on December 9.

Last month was a breakthrough for Cardano as the ambitious research-driven Blockchain project received more press throughout the year. The company behind Cardano – IOHK, not only implements a number of pilot and cooperative projects but also enhances the ability to communicate.

Cardano is known as a decentralized public Blockchain and cryptocurrency project. And it is entirely open-source. Cardano is developing a smart contract platform that seeks to provide more advanced features than any previously developed protocol. This is the first Blockchain platform to evolve from the first scientific research philosophy and approach. The development team consists of a global team of engineers and researchers.

An expected release date for incentivized testnet network snapshot

After months of teasing, incentivized testnet for the Cardano network is gradually becoming a reality. Cardano’s parent company, IOHK, discontinued Cardano’s Shelley era to uncover all the bugs and problems of a complex network.

The balance test for the Shelley incentivized testnet has been one of the biggest developments the company has seen in the past few months. As the trial run before the network snapshot will move ADA users to the testnet was a huge success, the community became impatient about the release date of the final snapshot.

In an unexpected AMA after checking the balance, Hoskinson avoided giving any dates set for the final snapshot. He said that a definite schedule would be released at least a few days before the snapshot to allow users to prepare.

On November 25, he announced on Twitter that the snapshot of the snapshot would take place on November 29. While Hoskinson’s tweet implied that it could still change on the dates he set out that matches the company’s earlier prediction.

Shelley’s incentivized testnet on December 9

Hoskinson said that on December 5, the company would also publish new information related to the shares. It includes percentages and other details about the testnet reward.

However, the expected release date of testnet Shelley is the biggest revelation. With all the hype surrounding balance checking and upcoming snapshots, the recommended testnet release was practically distracting.

According to Hoskinson’s tweet, it is likely that the testnet will be released on December 9.

Further details on the testnet will be revealed in the upcoming Cardano workshop. There is little chance that a summary of the final snapshot will not be discussed, although the main topic of discussion will be the 2020 company roadmap.

As time went on, it was clear that the Cardano development team had become increasingly confident in their product just a few weeks ago. There is hardly any obvious mention of the launch date, as Hoskinson always reminds the community that there will be significant delays.

For most people who praised Cardano for working around the clock to launch Shelley, the community’s reaction to the snapshot and testnet day was extremely positive.

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