Cardano Mary protocol update was successfully applied to the Cardano mainnet, ADA price is reduced by more than 5% during the day

The company behind Cardano, IOHK, has announced the release of the first version of the multi-asset-enabled Daedalus wallet. According to the release of the company, Daedalus v. 4.0.0-RC1 was released to the public mainnet Cardano on March 1st. Also that, the Cardano Mary protocol update was successfully applied to the Cardano mainnet via a managed hard fork combinator event.

Cardano crosses 500,000 accounts and Daedalus launches native-asset support, Mary protocol update successfully

Cardano currently stores over half a million unique wallet addresses, with the number growing every hour. The significant growth in new addresses on the network is driven in part by an upgrade to Daedalus that will introduce native asset support for the wallet.

Cardano is significantly expanded before the ADA upgrade. Among them, Cardano has achieved two key milestones set to push the network to the forefront of the industry.

Also today, the company will release the Daedalus Flight wallet at the same time as the Mary Hard Fork Combinator (HFC) event. However, the rest of the market will have to wait a bit before the full version of Daedalus is released. IOHK says the wallet will be fully released after the ultimate user experience test with the Flight community and any last-minute UI tweaks.

Daedalus is the most popular Cardano wallet. The current release will allow developers and equity group (SPO) operators to experimentally send and receive native tokens along with the ADA. When the wallet is fully released, it will also have a brand new look and user interface.

According to the latest data from AdaStat, there are currently a total of 506,538 unique wallet addresses on the Cardano network. With 294,682 authorized people, this means that over 58 percent of all addresses on the Cardano blockchain have their funds staked to support the network.

Other data from AdaPools and AdaStat shows that the average ADA per authorized wallet has been steadily decreasing this year, further strengthening Cardano’s decentralization and distribution of power to a large number of network participants.


ADA/USD 4-hour chart | Source: TradingView

At press time, ADA is trading at around $ 1.21, down more than 5% in the past 24 hours.

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