Cardano has once again been featured as one of the Top 50 blockchain projects by Switzerland’s Crypto Valley VC

According to information from the Cardano forum, Cardano has once again been honored as one of the top 50 blockchain projects, according to Switzerland’s Crypto Valley VC (CV VC).


Cardano has named among CV VC top 50 projects in the blockchain

It is reported that Crypto Valley VC has released a market-wide report, giving an industry-recognized insight into the blockchain space. The Crypto Valley VC is an early-stage venture capital investor with a focus on projects building in the Swiss canton of Zug and Lichtenstein, areas that have earned the collective title Crypto Valley for their wealth of innovative blockchain companies and start-ups.

The report mainly examines a series of distributed ledger technology projects with a presence in Switzerland, evaluating projects in terms of their growth, pricing, funding, and prospects. Core areas of growth included the rise of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), track and trace solutions, supply-chain tracking, and also decentralized finance.

According to the report, 2020 overall is a year of record growth for the blockchain industry, especially for projects based in Crypto Valley, as opposed to other sectors facing deadlines. constraints in a new COVID dominant environment.

Also according to the report, Cardano was in the Top 50 for its fourth year running, which also included a place as the region’s second-largest unicorn blockchain protocol. Best of all, Cardano’s benefits largely come from the project’s implementation of new implementations such as staking and interloper through Shelley 2 in mid-2020 and also made mention of Cardano’s latest feature, native tokens.

Referring to Cardano’s position in the market, CV VC also calls Cardano the second-largest Swiss unicorn blockchain project – projects with a market cap above the $ 1 billion. There are only 11 such projects in the Crypto Valley. Interestingly, CV VC notes that all unicorn projects are protocols, like Cardano – a blockchain platform for building decentralized infrastructure.

The report from CV VC concludes that being in the Top 50 demonstrates that Cardano has made significant progress in pursuing supply chain solutions. This is reflected in the work the Cardano Foundation has engaged with Scantrust 26, a leading supply chain technology provider. Scantrust’s use of Cardano’s transaction metadata in conjunction with Georgian winemaker Baia’s Wines 14 was Cardano’s first direct commercial.

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