Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson gave a brief update on the Alonzo hard fork, things are chugging along as expected

Charles Hoskinson, the co-founder, and CEO of IOHK gave an update on the current status of Cardano in general and the Alonzo upgrade in particular.

There’s an enormous amount of commercial interest in Cardano, Charles Hoskinson hints

Hoskinson took to YouTube to give a brief update on the Alonzo hard fork. It is slated to provide the network with exciting and long-awaited new features by incorporating Plutus scripts onto the blockchain, enabling the development of smart contracts on Cardano and the deployment of a wide range of new DeFi applications for the first time.

During the stream, Hoskinson alluded to a large business engagement traction with the network:

“When you look at the D5 set on Cardano, there are dozens if not hundreds of good candidates there and over 1,500 developers trained through the police pioneers program, so there’s an enormous amount of commercial interest traction community effort with Cardano.”

For organizational purposes, Alonzo has been categorized into color stages. Last month, Cardano entered the “Alonzo Blue” era, representing a small group of users on the testnet. After that, the “Alonzo White” era was originally supposed to happen on July 5; now it looks like it will be July 12.

“As many of you know, we entered last month the Alonzo Blue era and we’ve been working with partners on that. We’ve learned a huge amount, and we’re just about to enter Alonzo White”, he said.

Several hundred people are set to be onboarded to the Alonzo White network, which will run for 2 – 4 weeks. Ultimately, Purple helps stakeholders, such as exchanges and wallet providers, get up to speed with upgrades. Taking everything into account, things are chugging along as expected.

When year-old posts showing ADA network adoption projections failed to match community expectations, the tech entrepreneur came under fire on Twitter. Late July 2020, the Cardano founder predicted that there would be hundreds of assets and thousands of dApps running on the blockchain this time next year.

But Hoskinson now thinks that timing is each unimportant concern. Instead of conceding on the matter, Hoskinson says his prediction is either there or there.

“It’s kind of bizarre, the crypto media and people over Twitter decided to make an issue out of a tweet where I predicted that there were going to be many assets on Cardano, and many DApps on Cardano by end of July”, he responded. “To be honest, we already have that kind of traction. There are tens of thousands of assets, over ten million dollars of NFTs I think have been sold, if we’re counting correctly, throughout the Cardano network.”

He stated a tremendous amount of business interest and traction community effort with ADA. Additionally, as AZCoin News reported, Cardano was recently accepted as Grayscale Investments’ third-largest position, showing the rising demand for the digital asset, and as a result, it has attracted a lot of institutional attention.

Finally, referring to Project Catalyst, which funds DApp proposals, Hoskinson suggested that there are hundreds of potentially good DeFi apps that have been funded. Over 1,500 developers are being trained via the Plutus Pioneer Program.

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