Cardano Aims to Become Largest EVM Chain with New Milkomeda Protocol Feature

Cardano blockchain is making significant strides towards becoming the largest EVM chain in the crypto industry, as announced by Milkomeda co-founder Sebastien Guillemot.

The Milkomeda protocol is set to launch a new feature next month that will enable Cardano users to access EVM contracts directly from their Cardano Wallet, a move that could instantly make Cardano one of the largest EVM chains by user count.

Furthermore, the Milkomeda protocol plans to roll out staking rewards to all EVM users, including smart contract developers, making Cardano the largest EVM chain with full staking rewards. This move is expected to attract more developers to the Cardano network, and the ADA coin could potentially become a popular choice for DApps development.

While the development is exciting news for Cardano and its users, some expressed their dissatisfaction as they view Cardano as a standalone blockchain network. Nevertheless, the Milkomeda protocol’s ability to enable Cardano users to access the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) directly through the Cardano Wallet will undoubtedly provide more opportunities for developers to build DApps similar to how they are built on the Ethereum network.

Overall, Cardano’s ambition to become the top EVM chain in the crypto industry is a promising development that could propel the network’s growth and adoption in the coming months.

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