Can Cardano OBFT hardfork be comparable to Bitcoin hardforks?

During the Livestream on January 17, Charles Hoskinson, IOHK’s co-founder and CEO,
Note that he expects Cardano’s consensus algorithm to be upgraded with a hard fork next month. With a high degree of certainty, Hoskinson said Cardano OBFT (Ouroboros Bizantine Fault-Tolerant Consensus Protocol) will be deployed in mid-February.

In response to the news surrounding it, in a tweet shared on January 21, the Cardano community representative account on Twitter posted information to correct misconceptions about the upcoming Cardano OBFT hardfork. Cardano Community referenced an article published by Cointelegraph titled “Cardano Co-Founder and CEO: We Anticipate a Hard Fork in Mid-February.”

In an attempt to clarify the update, they said that Cardano OBFT is technically a hard fork, but it is far different from the Bitcoin hardfork types that used to exist.

“You may have heard or read about an upcoming Cardano OBFT hardfork via various media. While this is technically a hardfork, it won’t look anything like the various BTC hardforks that happened and exist to date”.

Community representatives also shared that Yoroi wallet users should not take any action because all parties of the current link system have reached agreement on protocol upgrades.

While Daedalus users may be prompted to upgrade their wallets, this is no longer necessary because it has been programmed to upgrade automatically.

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