The pop superstar Britney Spears had to use Bitcoin in 2014 – when price dropped most miserably – to hide purchases

In court on June 23, music star Britney Spears said she felt like a slave when her father controlled everything in her life. The female singer wants to end her guardianship after 13 years of being clamped down. And upon further investigation, it was found that the singer Britney Spears used Bitcoin in 2014 to conceal the purchase of goods from her family.

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The pop superstar Britney Spears had to use Bitcoin during her conservatorship nightmare

This is reported by Tess Barker and Barbara Gray, the hosts of the “Toxic” podcast that investigates Spears’ highly controversial conservatorship case, claiming that the singer used Bitcoin in 2014. She allegedly used cryptocurrency to hide even small purchases from her father and conservator Jamie Spears.

However, 2014 was when Bitcoin dropped the most when it lost 56% of its value. Therefore, BTC holds the top position in Bloomberg’s list of the worst losers of 2014.

Returning to Spears’ story, one of the most explosive details in the singer’s testimony was that she was controlled for everything, even dating, having children. The artist was forced to wear an IUD, not allowed to have a third child. The 8X singer made it clear that she wanted to get married and have more children, something that this female star could not decide on her own for a long time. And now, even the story of buying goods, Spears does not have her freedom but uses BTC.

In July, Spears’ shocking public testimony that broke the internet shed light on her 13-year conservatorship and vindicated the long-simmering #FreeBritney movement. At that time, many famous politicians, celebrities, and business people, including Tesla CEO Elon Musk, also support the movement.

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