Brian Armstrong: Employees can work from home, Coinbase planning to decentralize and have small offices in 10 cities

Brian Armstrong, Coinbase CEO, announced that all employees of the company would be entitled to choose where they want to work. This means Coinbase employees can continue to work from home even after the novel coronavirus quarantine was lifted.

If the Coronavirus pandemic has changed anything, it is the need for businesses to adapt to changing times and needs quickly. From Big Four accounting firms, Wall Street banks to giants in Silicon Valley, nearly every company is currently reviewing its strategies to optimize profits and reduce operating costs. All this and more, while remembering the rules and restrictions.

Brian Armstrong encourages employees to work from home

Against this backdrop, San Francisco-based digital asset trading platform Coinbase started asking its employees to do home-based work earlier this year. In an expanded three-phase plan, the company called for remote work in phase three. Two months passed, and the company thought about making it a permanent practice.

In a statement released on Wednesday, Armstrong confirmed that the firm was pondering over the work from home idea even before the pandemic ravaged across the US. Thankfully, the transition from in-office to remote working was far less complicated than it expected.

Therefore, the company now wishes to provide a choice for most of its employees between juggling time between working from home and to the office. The new arrangement also presents significant strategic opportunities and benefits.

According to Armstrong, socially distant protocols remain here even when the device lock is lifted. In supporting all its employees with a distance of six feet between each person, the company will need a comprehensive, spacious, and not to mention, floor plan, an expensive floor plan. Current offices don’t have a lot of space.

With the new job from home arrangement, Coinbase will only need a one-floor office in ten central locations instead of a 10-floor office in each. Although the company still plans to have an office in major cities, the site locations will be spread out.

Armstrong confirmed:

“Once the confinement measures are eased, Coinbase will form a dedicated team to oversee the transition of 20% to 60% of employees from office to work from home seamlessly.”

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