[Breaking] Youtube has suddenly reinstated videos related to Cryptocurrency

A few hours ago, Youtube unexpectedly resolved the strike and reinstated all deleted cryptocurrency videos in the past days to Youtubers. This seems to be a big victory for the cryptocurrency community when the prospect of a new crackdown from Google has not happened.

Why must YouTube reinstated videos and admit to mistake?

In the past few days, the crypto community was abuzz with the Youtube event that suddenly removed thousands of videos and “strikes” many popular crypto channels (like Ivan on Tech, Crypt0, Boxmining, Sunny Decree…) Fierce reaction from the community has forced YouTube to quickly review its actions, which rarely happens (usually 6 months). With the crypto community on Twitter and Bitcointalk criticizing along with the call to switch to new decentralized video platforms like LBRY, this giant has to acknowledge and correct immediately.

In a tweet replying to a Youtuber about this, the YouTube representative acknowledged the error during the review process:

Hey there, this was an error on our side during the review process – your video should be reinstated and strikes resolved. Let us know if you’re seeing otherwise!

Admit the mistake is not in the “dictionary” of Youtube.

Popular channels have been completely reinstated.

According to Mr. Thuan Lam, owner of ThuanCapital channel, he shared with AZCoin News that he did not receive any feedback or explanation about removing the video and reinstated the condition of ThuanCapital’s videos.

Youtube, Facebook or Amazon are the giants in the world of technology, they both prosecutors and judges. Their power is greater than some governments. This also helps us realize that decentralization is the future of the internet, where users have more rights to themselves.

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