[Breaking] Scammer Plus Token transferred 789,525 ETH (105,099,509 USD) to an unknown wallet

Recently, Plus Token, the largest ponzi scam in the world, from China, transferred 789,525 ETH (105,099,509 USD) to an unknown wallet, according to etherscan.

Transferred over 100 million USD, but the fee just $0,18. Before Plus Token transfer 789,525 ETH, they test with 10 ETH.

Source: Etherscan

PlusToken had a major following in Korea and China – especially among investors not familiar with cryptocurrencies. Plus token was a High Yield investment program that offered massive rewards on “investment” to unsuspecting victims in China and Korea. The scheme offered 9% to 18% monthly returns on investment – with larger investments getting more rewards. This type is similar to other High Yield investment programs like “Bitconnect and Onecoin” which collapsed in January of 2018.

Fraudsters abandoned the scheme by withdrawing nearly $4 billion (approximately 180,000 BTC, 6,400,000 ETH, 111,000 USDT and more…) and leaving the message “sorry we have run“.

At the moment, ETH price recovers 10% to trade slightly above $127.


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