Brand New Undervalued Altcoin With Huge Potential, According to Joe Parys

If you would’ve invested just $1,000 into exchange coins like BNB, FTX, Kucoin, Solana, or Crypto.com, you would’ve made hundreds of thousands of dollars. That is the power of finding new Altcoins first.

In the latest video, Joe Parys, an expert in crypto, has revealed one undervalued altcoin gem with massive upside potential.

LordToken (LTT)

That huge potential altcoin is LordToken (LTT). LordToken is a centralized exchange platform. Its mission is to make investing in Europe accessible for everyone.

LordToken is a French cryptocurrency exchange platform that has partnered with the Binance cloud, and this exchange is fairly new. LordToken’s mission is to make investing accessible to everyone and to make tokens sovereign. These tokens are the result of a reflection of the future of our monetary system, and LordToken believes that a new world of cryptocurrency is emerging right before our eyes. 

LordToken’s Launchpad

They’re also going to be implementing a launchpad. They give the Paratroopers the chance to get and find new projects early to make life-changing. The LordToken launchpad service aims to become the global launchpad for a lot of projects regardless of their business verticals. LordToken ICOs will allow investors access to new projects. 

The team

Another thing that really stood out about this project was the team. They are fully docked and have some incredible background as well as education.

When it comes to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, they also have a team of lawyers and partners with the European market. France has a lot of regulations and it is very important for this exchange to be licensed and have a team being fully compliant. 

The community

One of the biggest things that people should look for in a new cryptocurrency project is its community, according to this article by Bitcoinus.com. The team had said: “Looking back when we first started our fundraising, our community support has been incredible. The competition of our token sale is an additional step towards the launch of our platform and the immediate listing of the LordToken on the decks and the LordToken platform. Our platform will go live on the 9th of March, and this is a big milestone for everyone at LordToken.”

Key features

The LordToken Exchange also has many other key features: High daily trading volume ($20billion) per day, 16 supported languages, meaning it has a higher spectrum for global coverage.

Over 335 listed tokens will be traded at a very minimal (0.1%) commission fee. 24/7 premium customer support service is interesting for new users in the crypto-space.

LordToken has modalities for accommodating professional traders and investors with specialty/interest in copying trading, and they can operate transparently without any form of commitment.

LordToken Auto trade programs reference major players involved in algorithmic trading of different shades using automated quantitative analysis & artificial intelligence.

Important Services

Not only is LordToken going to have a launchpad, but they’re also going to be offering different services in the very near future, such as a marketplace for NFTs. They also just launched their cash back option for trading fees. If you hold and lock a certain number of LTT tokens and you use their exchange, you’ll be able to receive a trading fee rebate.

They have a variety of different tiers if you buy and stake 15,000 tokens for 30 days. You’ll receive 5%. If you stake the highest tier, 960,000 tokens, you’ll receive a 35% trading fee rebate, but you will have to lock these tokens in for 30 days. 

LordToken is your undervalued altcoin here at this time, and with over 68,000 followers over on their official Twitter, they are partnering with Binance cloud and have already raised 15.7 million dollars. This could be another one of those exchange tokens that does incredibly well

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