Brad Garlinghouse Praises Ripple Teams and Regulatory Leadership at Swell Conference

In a series of tweets on the X social media platform, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse shared his insights on the recently concluded annual Swell conference and shed light on the decision to host the event in Dubai. The Swell conference, organized by Ripple, has been a significant gathering for the cryptocurrency sphere since its inception in 2017, with this year’s edition taking place in Dubai on November 8 and 9.

Garlinghouse expressed his pride in the Ripple teams that orchestrated the event, acknowledging their collective effort in making Swell a success. He noted that the conference has come a long way since its debut in Toronto in 2017, evolving into a global event that brings together key players in the crypto industry.

The Ripple CEO took the opportunity to share his thoughts on why Dubai was chosen as the host city for Swell 2023. According to his tweet, Dubai has emerged as a global leader in attracting entrepreneurship, primarily due to clear regulatory frameworks, pro-innovation policies, and more. Garlinghouse hinted at the possibility of returning to Dubai for future events, emphasizing the city’s role as a hub for crypto-related activities.

Garlinghouse’s tweets also touched upon his participation in a fireside chat with CNBC’s Dan Murphy during the event. The interview, conducted on stage and watched by a live audience, covered various topics relevant to the cryptocurrency industry.

In the interview, Garlinghouse stressed the importance of proper regulatory rules for the success of the crypto industry. He highlighted the need for regulatory clarity, indicating that it is a crucial factor for the next phase of enterprise crypto adoption. The Ripple CEO also emphasized the significance of utility in the crypto space, suggesting that companies should focus on “solving problems at scale” rather than conducting experimental ventures.

The choice of Dubai as the location for Swell 2023 aligns with Garlinghouse’s vision for a crypto-friendly environment with a supportive regulatory framework. Dubai’s reputation as a global leader in fostering entrepreneurship seems to have resonated with Ripple, emphasizing the company’s commitment to contributing to the growth and development of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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