Bob Summerwill of Ethereum Classic: Ethereum Maximalism is so unhelpful, hard fork is not a bad work

Bob Summerwill, an executive director of the Ethereum Classic Cooperative, presented a philosophy called Bob Summer Philosophy. This philosophy mainly talks about the mistakes we have made in the past. For example, a hard fork is not a bad job, and it is a protocol upgrade, making the platform more developed.

Essential messages from Bob Summerwill Ethereum Classic

According to Bob Summerwill, all software is upgraded, and that’s how the software works. For now, the hard fork is just a significant update. Not everyone likes hard forks, but you won’t stop moving.

Besides, Summerwill used the words of his good friend, @iamtexture, on Bob Summer Philosophy.

“He’s not shilling Cardano. He is shilling the belief that even though some of us think Charles is a sociopath, that the best way to guarantee blockchain changes the world is to see it from a higher moral plane. He is shilling love and compassion, and humility.”

When talking about the rise of “Ethereum Maximalism,” Summer said that no one has all the answers. He declares that we are all learning together, and we need to do the best we can. Sometimes we are right, and sometimes we are wrong. And those are the same statements he made two years ago on his Twitter.

In general, Bob thinks it is harder to improve on a direct platform than building something from scratch. However, it is not difficult. Besides, he stated that anyone who thinks that Ethereum cannot upgrade is someone who does not monitor the network situation closely. Moreover, for those who complain about the cost, maintenance costs are meant to maintain the operation of the platforms.

Sydney Ifergan, a cryptocurrency expert, said:

Previously, Summerwill had stated it was necessary to continue working with what we created if it had something valuable to continue upstream of it to benefit all in the platform. He also asserted how hard forks are okay and, more important, about how important it is to continue working with them.

Bob Summerwill said:

After a sharp rally this year, Ethereum Classic (ETC) once again adjusts its increase. ETC has decreased slightly by 3% in the past 24 hours and remained unchanged for a week. While the majority of the other 20 cryptocurrencies are green, and all are green for a week. However, after an increase of 139% in the past month, ETC is currently trading at $ 11.78.


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