BNB Chain NFT Marketplace Tabi Raises $10 Million from Animoca Brands, Binance Labs…

In an exciting development for the world of NFTs and Web3, Tabi has announced the successful completion of its angel round, raising approximately $10 million.

The funding was led by Animoca Brands, a renowned blockchain and NFT gaming company, with participation from esteemed investors including Binance Labs, Draper Dragon, Hashkey Capital, Infinity Crypto Ventures, Youbi Capital, and angel investors Fengbo (Dragonfly Capital), Riyad AD (Saudi Arabia), and Suji Yan (Mask Network). The capital infusion will primarily be utilized to establish the Tabi Launchpad, expand the game-play ecosystem, and develop on-chain identity protocols.

Tabi’s vision revolves around the mass adoption of NFTs, acknowledging that while the market is still in its early stages, the versatility and unique properties of NFTs can be applied across various sectors such as gaming, finance, art, and memberships. While the primary usage of NFTs has largely been focused on collectibles and profile pictures, Tabi aims to broaden the scope of NFT applications, paving the way for Web3 apps to penetrate the masses.

The upcoming beta release of Tabi will introduce three major functions that will shape the platform’s ecosystem. First, a marketplace function will allow users to buy and sell NFTs at specific prices and times. Second, the launchpad function will empower creators and builders to develop and release innovative NFT experiences for their audiences.

Finally, Tabi will offer a unique on-chain identity protocol, translating users’ on-chain behavior into experience points that can be redeemed for future rewards and benefits. This comprehensive on-chain identity protocol aims to provide lifelong rights and incentives for NFT collectors and traders, ensuring a rewarding experience for users.

One of the key factors that sets Tabi apart is its focus on BNB Chain (BSC). By leveraging BSC’s superior transaction speeds, cost-efficient fees, robust DeFi infrastructure, and compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), Tabi aims to bridge the gap between Web3 and Web2 users. The large and expanding user base of BSC, coupled with its vibrant community and strong ecosystem of projects, make it an ideal environment for Tabi to thrive and facilitate the transition of Web2 users into the realm of Web3.

The recent rebranding of Tabi from “Treasureland” to its current name holds significant meaning. “Tabi” is the Japanese word for travel, symbolizing the company’s appreciation for Web3 enthusiasts who are constantly exploring the unknown and uncovering the endless possibilities of the crypto world. The logo, inspired by the shape of a compass, embodies the bravery and ingenuity of crypto adventurers who are laying the foundation for the future of the crypto world. Tabi aims to be the faithful companion on users’ Web3 journeys, guiding them along the way.

Tabi prides itself on being a community-driven marketplace. With unwavering support from its community of Web3 adventurers, Tabi has been steadily building its platform, even during challenging market conditions. The Tabi community consists of individuals who share a passion for exploring the vast opportunities of Web3. By joining Tabi on this exciting journey, users have the world at their fingertips, ready to be explored.

As Tabi prepares to launch its beta version and embark on a new chapter, the team remains committed to revolutionizing the way people experience digital ownership. Their dedication to driving NFT adoption and expanding the possibilities of Web3 will undoubtedly shape the future of the crypto industry. To stay updated on Tabi’s progress and future updates, enthusiasts are encouraged to follow the project closely.

In the dynamic world of NFTs and Web3, Tabi’s recent funding round signifies a significant milestone, propelling the platform closer to its goal of mass adoption. With its unique value proposition, focus on Binance Smart Chain, and commitment to its community, Tabi is poised to make a lasting impact on the evolving landscape of NFTs and Web3.

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