Blockchain platform D-BANK Foundation collaborates with Thailand’s Kasikorn Bank

Kasikorn Bank is the Thai fourth-largest bank with more than 800 domestic branches and 17 branches in 9 overseas countries. The firm has continually employed blockchain technology with its participation in the Visa B2B Connect pilot program which helps financial institutions handle cross-border travel payment services.

Blockchain platform D-BANK Foundation has agreed on a strategic partnership with Thailand’s KaiTai Bank, to promote the integration of the DBM Payment scheme. And KaiTai Bank would support the promotion of this payment solution in the country and give a base for the development of D-Bank’s cross border payment platform. The partnership would see Kai Tai bank issue digital currency payment cards that would support D-BANK Foundation native token DBM. Users would be able to add money to the card with DBM token and make withdrawals from ATM Machines across the country.

D-BANK Foundation seems to be the major winner in this partnership as this would expose its blockchain solution to a large number of potential customers. This cooperation brings two major advantages to the D-BANK ecosystem. First, DBM truly realizes the seamless exchange between digital currency and fiat currency, which strengthens DBM’s liquidity and value attributes. Second, DBM’s cross-border travel payment business has opened the Thai market and will set Thailand as a fulcrum to open digital currency cross-border travel payment channels in more countries.

Korea also works with D-Bank Foundation

Image via KONA’s website

This would be the second major partnership within the space of a few months. D-Bank partnered with Korean financial giants KONA. The partnership which occurred in June, enabled the Korean firm to issue a DBPay payment card that could be recharged with DBM and used across Korea.

The card has been operating for a while, and it has popular due to its ease of use. Wherever duty-free shops, large supermarkets, or common restaurants and cafes, you can use the DBPay payment card as long as it supports to swipe.

In addition, the D-BANK Foundation also have reached strategic cooperation with Thailand’s JIE THAI TRAVEL GROUP, GINO Group, Osan City Government, South Korea, Sun NCK, Dream Newzone, Rowon, Jplus cosmetics, SUIG GANG, and Sea World to promote DBM’s payment in South Korea and Thailand. The D-BANK Foundation stated that the D-BANK ecosystem will be gradually opened in Southeast Asia, Europe, etc. Cross-border payment for travel in multiple countries. It is planned to land in cross-border payment services for travel in 30 countries by 2020.

On October 2, 2019, the D-BANK Foundation, co-sponsored by American Digital Technology Group, South Korean NU ZONE Corporation, and Thai DBK Digital Technology Company, was officially established in Singapore. The unified approach promotes the global development of the D-BANK ecosystem and the circulation of its token DBM worldwide. The establishment of the D-BANK Foundation marks the standardization of the DBM token and is an important milestone for it to enter the formal digital currency sequence.

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